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The ATHENA Prodigies

The ATHENA Prodigies

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The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls* is a book written to make the dreams of women and girls visible to themselves, and each other. Originally published in 2015, The ATHENA Prodigies designed to be read by 2 readers:

* Women

* Girls (ages 6-12)

Eight complimentary chapters take women and girls through an introspective journey with thought-provoking questions to be answered by themselves, and with each other. 

There's so much we can learn by having conversations with the generations around us. 

This is a book intended to empower women and girls to learn more about themselves, and each others. 


* International best-selling book on Amazon (Canada, US, Great Britain)

* Honorable Mention, Women's Issues (2016 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards) 


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