Hello, I'm Danielle Joworski.

Visibility Catalyst for Female Entrepreneurs 40+ | Speaker | Career & Business Mentor | Award-Winning Business Woman

Why visibility?

Short and sweet: My first business at 40 failed because I failed to be visible. It resulted in debt, a negative self-image, and shattered confidence.

When I overcame my fear of being visible, everything changed. I want you to:

  • feel more comfortable shining the spotlight on yourself,
  • show up where you need and want to be as a CEO,
  • seize opportunities instead of watching them pass by,

Because the impact you want to create through your business has a pre-requisite:


How you become more visibelle

When you're more visible to your audience, your audiences becomes more visible to you.

Whether you're analytical or creative, I speak both languages and can interpret each to the other. This means I can help:

  • logical, analytical minds think less with their head and more with their heart and,
  • creative, intuitive souls to ground their feet long enough to create traction.

I'm agile and flexible to play the role you need most in order to rapidly release the visibility fears or habits keeping you hiding, in the weeds or playing small.

You get to be you and show up in places you thrive and need to be while knowing that the invisible business work is getting done while you're out being visible.


What I do

As a "Jill of all skills" I leverage my corporate operations background and entrepreneurial expertise to help you stop being the CEO of everything and start focusing on opportunities to be a more visibelle CEO.

  • Instructional design & program development
  • Innovation, process design & continuous improvement
  • Leadership development & mindset coaching
  • Marketing/visibility strategy design & implementation
  • Webinar creation, event hosting, media & podcast guest pitching

My purpose is to support you in elevating your presence and voice in places, spaces and ways that feel good. Because when you feel good, your confidence (and light) shines through, and you naturally attract those who need you.

"Danielle is someone who puts her heart into what she is doing.

Through her encouragement, I was able to get out of my comfort zone ... I became fearless on public exposure. The sense of freedom is incredible."

Lin Liao, CGA, CPA, Mindset Coach




Danielle Joworski's failure to be visible in her first business is the catalyst for her work today. Her mission is to help female entrepreneurs 40+ conquer their fears of being visible so they accelerate their business growth and impact. She’s a Rhyze award-winning businesswoman, creator and Host of The C-Suite on Rogers tv, and in 2023 was nicknamed the “visibility queen” by Exeleon Magazine. She's dedicated to sharing #visibilitytruths and normalizing the experience of becoming visible so entrepreneurs are seen and heard easier and get found and hired faster. Danielle lives in Southern Ontario with her husband and kids with 2 and 4 legs.



With a microbiology degree and paralyzing fear of the camera, the last place you’d expect Danielle Joworski to be is hosting a TV show. With 20+ years working for top companies like H.J. Heinz, Schneider Foods, Campbell's Soup, Johnson & Johnson, and Toyota, Danielle's career path is anything but logical or linear. Her work today helping female leaders to up-level their presence is rooted in her own failure to be visible in when she first stepped from corporate into the entrepreneurial world at 40. Today, she's the Creator and Host of The C-Suite on Rogers tv, a Rhyze award-winning businesswoman, past business mentor at Wilfrid Laurier University Women's Entrepreneur Centre and the Business Centre Guelph Wellington, and has been dubbed the “visibility queen” by Exeleon Magazine. Since 2019 she's led over 200 conversations online and in-person to audiences of 400+ attendees. In 2023, she was in the top 10% of submissions from across Canada for the Total Mom Pitch. By leveraging her background in leadership, training and innovation, Danielle helps to make the process of becoming visible easier so CEOs can conquer their fears and accelerate their business growth. She's a disruptor talking about #visibilitytruths and the reality of what becoming more visible looks like so CEOs stop hiding and playing small. Danielle lives in Southern Ontario with her husband and kids with 2 and 4 legs.