Hi, I'm Danielle Joworski.

From microbiology lab to TV Host. The bigger the belief, the larger the leap.

"Why" I do what I do.

Afraid to use my voice meant I was taken advantage of, took on too much work, and missed out on opportunities to advance in my career. In my first business at 40, hiding from a lack of confidence, doubt in my appearance, and fear of judgment caused me to fail and have to return to corporate.

I didn't have the strength to speak up or the courage to express myself. It impacted by self-esteem, health, motivation, and income. I don't want other women to experience this especially when they feel called to do something more in their life, business, or career.

Failing to be visible is why I'm passionate about coaching and providing platforms for women, helping them to stop hiding behind their fears, beliefs and laptops and step into the roles they are meant to be in. Even after 40.


A world where the collective wisdom of women is seen, heard, shared, and equally valued.



How it's done.

  • Providng spaces where women feel safe to be vulnerable and learn.
  • "Walking the walk" and role modelling a growth mindset.
  • Talking openly about my own failures and other #visibilitytruths.
  • Leveraging a background in adult education and learning to provide personalized coaching and solutions.
  • Keeping group programs small so I can meet you where you are and walk forward with you each step of the way.
  • Teaching Clients how to challenge the status quo so visibility plans and strategies are aligned with who they are and where they are in their business/career and visibility journeys.

What is it that I do?

I lead powerful conversations to help women create legacy impact through the work they do. This is achieved as a Coach, Visibility Advisor, Media Host, and Speaker.

My purpose is to teach, support or inspire women to believe in themselves and take courageous actions to be seen or heard so they get found and hired to do the work they feel called to do at this point in their lives.

One conversation at a time.

Corporate background

Entrepreneurial work