Hi, I'm Danielle Joworski.

Staying hidden - to myself and others - resulted in my first business failing. The shame, guilt and debt drove me to return to the corporate world that I thought I'd left behind. Today, I've led 100s of conversations with women as a Host of 2 TV Shows, speak to and coach other midlife women on how to step out from behind their fears, beliefs and laptops and get in front of those they want to be seen by in ways that feel good and authentic to who they are.

"Why" I do what I do.

In 2015 I stepped off the corporate ladder and became an entrepreneur. There was no plan or realization of what it meant to be one - that I was the face + voice of my business. I could not hide behind the name of the company I worked for, because I was the company. That first company failed because I failed to be visible. I held back from being seen, heard, found or hired. 

A mountain of debt, desperation to support my family, needing to rid myself of the shame and guilt of failing were critical drivers behind my return to corporate. The return also provided a much-needed sense of safety and security that allowed me to regroup, reframe, and reshape the beliefs around who I am.

Best decision ever.

I may have failed that first time around, but I'm not a failure.

Failing was the catalyst for the work that I do today and why I focus on the concept of visibility from the inside out. I want other women to avoid the experiences I had and thrive in their current businesses, especially now when the world needs to experience that thing only you can do.


A world where the collective wisdom of women is seen, heard, shared, and equally valued.


To embolden women to believe in themselves and who are and express it to others so they make visible what they imagine and do what they feel called to do.



How I do what I do

A client once shared that I make her feel like she can do anything. Another said that she now sees what I already saw in her. A third was manifesting what she wanted faster than ever before.

It starts with blending the best of both worlds: 20+ years of innovation, training, leadership and adult education at industry-leading companies like Schneider Foods, Campbell's Soup, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota and Rogers tv with an award-winning background as a small business owner.

Then focuses on working with clients with a listening heart, creating safe spaces for them to learn, grow, and strengthen their voices.

All while "walking the walk": being open and vulnerable and doing the work alongside clients.

I believe we all learn from each other, so opportunities are created for women to be seen and heard - not me being the only voice.

Women are taught how to challenge the status quo so that actions feel aligned fo who they are and the direction they feel compelled to move in.

Most importantly, I create a space where women can borrow my belief in them until they believe in themselves as much as I do.

What I do

I lead powerful conversations - as a coach, media Host or speaker - with the intention of guiding impact-driven and service-minded women to see and be seen, so they support the evolving well-being needs of the collective. Physical. Mental. Financial. Spiritual. Emotional.

What's most rewarding about what I do is seeing other midlife+ women see themselves as so much more then believing in what they can do and making it happen. One step at a time.

Corporate background

Entrepreneurial work