Elevating the presence and voices of women 40+ so you create a legacy impact through the work you do.

Because hiding feels awful.

I know because I'd been hiding from myself and others since childhood. Hiding my presence, opinion, face, voice, and dreams.

It had devastating impacts on how I saw myself, others saw me, my self-esteem, happiness, and income. When I stepped off the ladder at 40 and started my own business, it resulted in utter failure.

I transformed my ability to be visible and it was life-changing. I want to help other women experience what's possible when they see who they really are, and feel confident expressing that person to others.


A world where the collective wisdom of women is seen, heard, shared, and equally valued.

Yet to elevate and become more visible, you have to feel safe.

This means increasing the predictability, knowns, and potential outcomes of the changes you're wanting to make.

I help you do this by being a little bit of a disruptor.

One, I'm open to sharing #visibilitytruths and talking about the things we keep secret because of shame, embarrassment or failure when it comes to getting in front of, and being visible to your ideal audience.

Because its easier to face fears or release them when you know what you're up against.

Two, I combine elements so you save time and money in your business or career growth.

That's why I don't just "do" mindset coaching or business/visibility coaching. One amplifies the other which creates easier and faster results, so why not combine them and give you the best of all worlds?

Three, I focus on helping women 40+. I understand the different risks, fears, limiting beliefs and technology challenges that you may face related to making a big change at this point in your life.

You get an experienced guide who's happy to share experiences so you avoid them and make your 40's (and beyond) the best time of your life.



What is it that I do?

Whether as a Coach or Speaker, I lead powerful conversations to help women create legacy impact through the work they do.

I embolden female founders and leaders to take courageous actions that puts them in front of their ideal audience while building their confidence. The result is women positioning and promoting themselves as experts and leaders more effortlessly. The outcome is women being seen & heard and getting found & hired to do the work they feel called to do.

I'm here to help women turn their knowing into what they're actually doing.

If you're ready, book a call. Let's get you doing what you know you can do.


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