LOCAL = Guelph, Cambridge, KW and surrounding areas

Being invisible is not an option.

To grow your business and do what you feel called to do, you have to be seen & heard in order to be found & hired.

It's simple, yet not always easy.

Video is a powerful way to showcase your unique voice, value, and solutions while transforming engaged followers into loyal customers.

Yet for many entrepreneurs, the camera means feeling shy about your appearance, worrying about making mistakes, fearing what others will say, or struggling to be visible and still feel authentic.

This can impact your confidence, self-esteem, growth and income.

Becoming more visible on camera just got easier.

The solution to hiding and your on-camera fears is gaining the knowledge + skills + support needed to toss unaligned or cookie-cutter strategies aside and do visibility your way.

This is achieved by:

  • gaining clarity around visibility blocks and how to remove them,
  • acquiring specific BIZ X VIZ growth knowledge from mentors who've been in your shoes,
  • real-time and hands-on practice guided by experts whose passion is to see you shine.

Get ready to feel more comfortable, then confident, on camera.

Start to pitch, position, and promote your business like the expert you are. Easier, faster, and in ways that feel good.

Accelerate your local business, visibility & impact with local BIZ x VIZ solutions.

The VisibleCEO™ Net•Work•Shops are co-created by local entrepreneurs for local entrepreneurs.

Net•Work•Shops are expertly designed by 3X TV show creator Danielle Joworski to:

  • create one-of-a-kind learning experiences via collaborations,
  • build feel-good connections with other local business owners,
  • educate, inspire & drive action through powerful conversations,

all while highlighting the world-class experts and solutions that exist in our communities and backyards to new local (and global) audiences.


    Biz x Viz Catalyst and Educator | The VisibleCEO™

    From paralyzing fear of the camera to Hosting The C-Suite on Rogers tv, Danielle understands visibility fears and how to overcome them. Exeleon Magazine dubbed her the "visibility queen", she's led 200+ conversations, and spoke to audiences of 700+. Danielle makes the visibility journey easier so female entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster.

    "When I first started working with Danielle I was struggling to step into business - to be visible. Danielle's technical and mindset coaching has been absolutely life-changing for me and I think about her often when I am now speaking to potential clients, on social media and particularly on camera. I am learning to embrace myself and my business and it feels so amazing. I highly recommend Danielle!"

    ~ Karin Anne Davis, Chief Creativity Officer @ Pink Pigs Fly


    Content Filmmaker @ Meg Dunning Consulting

    Meg's magic comes from her ability to help Clients feel as confident in front of the camera as she feels behind it. Having helped 800+ local businesses to enhance their promotion and community engagement, she's a wizard at capturing captivating moments and creating compelling stories through videos, branding, and words.

    "I was being held back by my insecurities and fear of being seen, yet yearning for this passion to flourish. She [Meg] was so incredibly encouraging and empowered me to feel safe and comfortable in front of the lens instead of hiding behind! After my day of coming out of my comfort zone I feel confident and literally cried as I received the pictures and video and the parts of myself I didn't even know were hidden that Meg captured ... I will forever cherish the new way of seeing myself ..."

    ~ Melissa Jackson, Grief + Healing Guide

Join the 1100+ business owners that Meg & I have helped to grow their brand, voice & business by stepping in front of the camera.

August Net•Work•Shop Details


  • Visibility workshop by Danielle; close the mindset gap between today and where you see yourself in your BIZxVIZ journeys,
  • Authentic marketing strategy workshop led by Meg; learn how to create content with purpose so you feel confident on camera and confident to share what you've created,
  • Hands-on practice time filming content for future AND REAL TIME sharing,
  • A fun experience in the audience of a LIVE podcast recording,
  • BONUS VisibleCEO:Behind the Lens Virtual Masterclass (September)

and much more ...


The Who and the Why

This Net•Work•Shop is for female entrepreneurs:

  • not comfortable showing their face or speaking on camera,
  • not satisfied with their current on-camera visibility strategies,
  • craving to show up on social or create video in a way that feels aligned and authentic.

Why attend this Net•Work•Shop?

  • You're tired of spending hours recording video only to delete or not use it, and time = $.
  • You're frustrated because you know you're standing in your own way of 'putting yourself out there' and growing your business.
  • You need fresh ideas + inspiration to create the content your Social Media Manager needs.
  • You're feeling like you're losing authenticity in how you're visible and need time, space & support to re-think how you want to show up.

8/21/24 ■ 9:30am - 12:30pm ■ Wildfield Studio (Guelph, ON) ■ 200 CDN + taxes

Free parking • Accessible, street-level location • Refreshments & light snacks will be served

Next Steps?

Your visibility journey is full of enough unknowns. Sharing next steps so there's no mystery, only anticipation.

(for both of us as I can't wait to support you in your BIZ x VIZ journeys!)

1. Click the button below to purchase your ticket @ 200 CDN + TAXES. REMINDER: Only 12 available. No refunds. Tickets are transferable within 24 hours of the event.

2. Once paid, you'll be able to "Add the event" to your calendar.

3. You'll receive emails from me prior to the event with more details.

4. Start thinking about your visibility challenges and how you imagine yourself showing up!


By local entrepreneurs. For local entrepreneurs. Elevating the local (and global) presence of local entrepreneurs.