Leading in Plain Sight is a digital course for leaders ready to stop hiding and start stepping out and being seen as the leader they are.

Gain the confidence to show up in front of those you want to be seen by.

You know you're here to do more.

Yet that image today of what you're meant to do or be is a little fuzzy.

And when that vision is fuzzy, it's easy to feel stuck, and get in the weeds.

It then becomes easier and safer to stick to the what and how you do what you do. It's predictable. It's comfortable, even if you're feeling uncomfortable.

You're hiding from your potential, true self or voice. And hiding it from others.

If you're at a place in your work where 'what is' is no longer satisfying or fulfilling, it's the perfect time to explore 'what can be'.

How would your business or career change if being seen as the leader you are ...

Didn't feel so scary?

Gain awareness of what causes the doubts, worries and fears that are so common when stepping outside your leadership comfort zone and how to dissolve them.

Felt good?

Your strengths and inner knowing are what make you unique. When leveraged, the path you plan out will feel more natural and allow you to show up feeling like yourself - not an imposter.

Felt simple?

Someone else's leadership journey is not your journey. Learn a step-by-step process that takes the overwhelm out of creating your own leadership development plan to grow from the leader you are today, to the leader you imagine yourself being.

When you lead in plain sight you're seen & heard by those you want to be in front of. Clearly. Courageously. Confidently.

Say hello to a refreshing take on out-dated, traditional leadership development development.

Because today's business challenges are new and unique. This requires a new kind of approach and thinking.

Leading in Plain Sight helps to solve these new challenges with a unique approach to learning.

Follow our 2 characters, Mira and Charlie, on their leadership and visibility journeys as you reflect on, and plan out your own.

Leading in Plain Sight is an all-in-one course that combines personal, business, and visibility growth tips and strategies.

Leading in Plain Sight Curriculum

  • Your Leadership Why

    Why do you lead? Not a question you get asked often, yet the answer can be more powerful than you realize.

  • Leadership Beliefs

    Shine a light on basic mindset principles and techniques to help transform what you believe about your ability to lead.

  • Showing up as You

    No imposters here! Discover your natural strengths so being seen feels good (even if it feels awkward at the start).

  • #visibilitytruths

    You'll hear the truth about what is means to be seen & heard, and how sometimes it's okay for you to be invisible.

  • Your One and Only

    Create a visibility plan you can take action on today. Aligned with who you see yourself as, today and in the future.

Hiding is costing you time, money, and create impact. Leading in plain sight can feel easy. Watch to learn how:

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for founders and leaders:

  • Tired of hiding and expressing who they are.
  • Ready to make bold moves in their career or business because ... it's time and know it yet are stuck on the 'how'.
  • Investing for the first time in their personal growth without a bank-breaking price tag.
  • Preparing for a job or business transition, or contemplating shifting roles after motherhood.

How is this course different?

Leading in Plain Sight blends:

  • mindset
  • leadership development
  • and visibility skillsets

in a one-of-a-kind format so you grow, develop and get seen & heard concurrently.

This makes the change and personal growth process easier while saving you time and money achieving the results you imagine.

Start learning how to lead in plain sight in one of two ways.

Self-study or work one-on-one with me:


    The ultimate freedom in learning and growth. Select this self-study option of Leading in Plain Sight to learn from the comfort of your device from wherever you are, on your own time.

    ➡️ $297 CDN + applicable taxes


    Access to Leading in Plain Sight PLUS 5 x 60-minute strategy calls with me. One-on-one support and accountability to help you overcome your visibility fears faster and grow your confidence faster.

    ➡️ $1497 CDN + applicable taxes.



Julie Christiansen - "The Anger Lady", President of Leverage U

"Ooh, I loved everything about the course.

I loved the visuals. I love the form of presentation ... I think that this kind of a program would be terrific for anyone aspiring to what I would call 21st century leadership ... Anybody who's aspiring to be that kind of a leader, I think should take this course."

Karen Tausendfreund - Physiotherapist, Pelvic Health Practitioner

"I thought Danielle was amazing. I really did.

I really got a lot out of it personally, and I think anyone that would be just starting out in leadership would really benefit a lot from her thoughts because it helps you to reflect on who you are right now and where you want to go ... you can do that at every age."

Chantara Leistner - ADR Practitioner, Owner @ Cloudburst Consulting Services

"... so wonderfully empowering for me.

As a female entrepreneur who's trying to find my footing in always uncovering and unpacking, what my why is, as I evolve and grow as abusiness owner. I'm so grateful ... to be able to really participate in something that helps to support my leadership journey so beautifully."

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