When "going back" really means moving forward.


Hi, I'm Danielle Joworski. An:

  • Expressive communicator,

  • Engaging adult educator and,

  • Mobilizing leader.


I help to connect leaders, teams and clients to the information and resources they need to make decisions that feel good, so that they can create the positive change (and results) they want to experience.


How, you might be wondering?

Your company is a trailblazer and you have big dreams when it comes to creating positive change in the world with your product or service.

You are searching for an innovative leader in a human resources, learning and development, or client engagement role.

So why not hire someone who understands dreaming big?

Analytical. Creative.

Strategic. Innovative.

Corporate. Entrepreneurial.

What range of skills are you needing today?

What diversity of experiences can drive solutions from multiple perspectives?

Business development. 

Learning & training.

Talent development.

For you, your leaders, your teams or your clients.

Believe you've found a good match for your company and culture?