Making the process of becoming visible easier.

So female founders grow their businesses and create the impact they imagine faster.


Being seen and heard can feel as good as slipping on your favourite shoe.

Imagine when becoming more visible feels easy.

You and your business will never be the same.

You'll confidently take steps to show up in new ways, in front of those you want to be seen by, and doing so while feeling like you - who you are today and that future you who's been waiting.

"You make me feel like I can do anything!"

Leadership & Corporate Wellness Provider | Coaching Client

I embolden impact-driven female founders to do one thing.

Conquer their fears of "putting themselves out there".

This is achieved by focusing on one thing: closing the visibility gaps that keep you hiding and playing small.

When you close visibility gaps, you create (or continue) momentum that allows you to:

  • connect with your audience and build deeper relationships,
  • stand out from the crowd,
  • accelerate your business growth and,
  • elevate your impact, influence and income.

Feeling good about becoming more visible comes from taking aligned steps.

Being visible these days looks easy, yet can feel so hard.

It feels hard because of a gap in your mindset, skillset or both.

When gaps exist they can cause you to shrink instead of shine.

When gaps are closed:

  • Doubts about not having the "right appearance" melt away.
  • Fears of making a mistake that can't be edited out are released.
  • Belief in who you are expands leading to never-felt-before confidence.

When you close gaps, courageous action to seize opportunities to be visible happens more. You're no longer wasting time, money or energy on trendy strategies that don't feel aligned with who you are or where you are in your business and visibility journeys.

"Working with Danielle has been a breath of fresh air! Her enthusiasm and experience helped to encourage me to step into the light and be visible. In a short few months, my transformation has been incredible and has led to podcast and video interviews."

Karin Anne Davis, Chief Creative Officer & Founder | Pink Pigs Fly

Let's make becoming more visible, easier.

It is possible!

Gaps are good in that they represent areas for growth.

They provide you with a choice:

  • Close them on your own or,
  • Work with someone with the knowledge, experience and skill set to help you so you grow your business faster and with more ease + flow.

I understand what can hold you back from being visible.

My first step into the entrepreneurial world at 40 failed because I failed to be visible.

Once overcoming a paralyzing fear of visibility and the camera, I created and Hosted The C-Suite on Rogers tv, have led 200+ conversations with founders, and have been called the "visibility queen" by Exeleon Magazine.

#visibilitytruth: I'm an introvert & naturally shy.

My success today has come from learning how to be visibelle - expressing your inner beauty and self in ways that feel good - and helping others to do the same.

It's time to stop hiding. Start transforming how you see yourself, what being visible means, and your ability to be seen, heard, found & hired.


How to work with me

I blend mindset + skillset + #visibilitytruths so that you close your visibility gaps easier while creating a strong foundation to step (or leap) from.


    When you're stuck on what visibility gaps you have, or what that next best visibility step is. Leading in Plain Sight is an online course for leaders tired of hiding and wanting to up-level their presence.


    When you know you work best with guidance + accountability. Combine Leading in Plain Sight with 1:1 conversations with me. Create the ultimate personalized visibility plan - one you want to implement.


    Short-term, project-based support. Receive the focused visibility help you need to close the gaps you know you have yet don't have the time, knowledge, bandwidth or desire to close yourself.

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"Since taking this course, money flows to me through multiple sources, and I am confident my future is very bright.

Danielle has all the qualities of a great coach: she is a great listener, she asks great questions, she encourages you and shows you how to be more visible, and she likes to laugh and have fun!"

Sarah, Chief Performance Officer @ Pearl Performance Incorporated

What would more visibility look or feel like to you?

I've helped founders to take steps to close visibility and business gaps that resulted in them:

  • starting a business while in corporate
  • increasing their monthly income by almost 3X
  • developing and hosting their first workshop or event
  • up-leveling and optimizing their social profiles
  • creating branded lead gen & program pamphlets
  • feeling more confident on camera from creating videos to pitching to be a podcast Guest or speaker at industry events or online Summits

Ready to step toward your business goals and visibility dreams?

Let's have a conversation.


You have a choice.

Take action, close gaps and become visible or continue to spend valuable time, money or energy watching opportunities to grow your business pass by instead of seizing or creating them.

Whatever stage you're at in your business and visibility journeys, it's possible to make the business and impact you imagine visible.

You just have to become visibelle.


"The biggest change for me or impact for me was BELIEF! I began to believe in myself from within instead of from external sources. That was so huge for me! ... My business is expanding and I now move through life in a different and higher vibration. I feel more grounded and more calm and in harmony with myself."

Tina Franchetto, Health and Wellness, Registered Massage Therapist, BIE Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist