Connecting women to the resources needed to create purpose and intention with your career. Today.


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Hi, I'm Danielle Joworski ...

an expressive communicator with an unrelenting passion to help you to have down-to-earth conversations about your career dreams THEN connect you to the information and resources you need to succeed in your career today. To bring that passion and purpose into your career ... again, or for the first time. To see, do, and BE that 'more' you are craving.

Why do I want to help?

Because I've been there. Reflecting on how I got where I was at 40, having everything I thought I wanted, but feeling like I had nothing. No passion. No purpose. Living in fear that I'd never figure out what would make me happy. All the while, growing more unhappy, and not being the person, wife or Mom that I wanted to be, and others deserved.

But by connecting to resources that helped to create clarity around WHO I am, what gets me charged up wanting to wave my sword and fight for positive change, and how what I do can be done with purpose, I know what happiness is. And feels like.