Connecting women to the resources needed to create purpose and intention with your career.




Hi, I'm Danielle Joworski ...

an expressive communicator with an unrelenting passion to connect you to Experts who can help you to create a sense of purpose and intention in what you do.

Expertise? Speaking the language of relationships as a career matchmaker of sorts. Career challenge meet your personalized solution; Experts in your community who can help you to be resume ready for that promotion, go from running on empty to bounding energy, lead your team with confidence, and ultimately, kick up your heels in your desired "C" (choice) suite.

Experience? A progressive career came to a jolting halt on my 40th birthday. True story. A life-changing decision was made to explore my something 'more'. The result? A pinch-me-it-can't-be-true experience creating an award-winning business facilitating leadership dialogues with women and girls AND the realization that I whole-heartedly love (and missed) working as a part of a team. Today, I feel alive in a 9-5 and feed that life with a dash of entrepreneurial zest.


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