Specializing in helping you release the doubts, worries and fears keeping you hiding instead of leading in plain sight as a visible CEO of your business.

Because #visibilitytruth: it's the invisible things that are keeping you invisible.

Imagine if the voices and presence of midlife women - yours - were elevated, valued, and celebrated?

How would you feel about standing out, expressing who you are, and being able to create the impact, influence or income you imagine?

What would your business and life look and feel like if you redefined what you believed to be true about being seen and heard?

"You make me feel like I can do anything!"

Leadership & Corporate Wellness Provider | Women's Group Coaching Client

What's it costing you to hide, remain invisible or play it safe?

It could be your self-esteem, time, money, happiness, performance, or even your livelihood.

The truth is, not aligning who you are with what you do means you're not living up to your potential. You're not expressing who you're meant to be, nor allowing others to see you for who you are.

For many women these days, something's shifting. It seems to be happening around midlife. There's a sense that the time is now to start pursuing what you're really feeling called to do.

Something bold. Very different. That feels like it's pushing through you to become visible.

And that's scary.

But do you know what's scarier?


"Working with Danielle has been a breath of fresh air! Her enthusiasm and experience helped to encourage me to step into the light and be visible. In a short few months, my transformation has been incredible and has led to podcast and video interviews."

Karin Anne Davis, Chief Creative Officer & Founder | Pink Pigs Fly

I understand the fears when making big changes midlife and "putting yourself out there". I also understand what's at stake when you don't.

That's why I'm all about helping women like you who know they're here to do 'something more', to make it visible by becoming visible - to yourself and others.

Creating a business while in your 9-5. Expanding your personal growth or wellness business beyond how you serve others today.

As a woman over 40, I've made bold transitions midlife, from microbiology lab to award-winning businesswoman and a fear of cameras to TV Host.

That's why I specialize in emboldening women 40+ to feel more comfortable seizing opportunities and getting in front of their ideal audiences to grow their businesses, instead of watching them pass by with regret.

How I saw myself, the work I do, and the impact I get to create transformed when I embraced the journey of learning how to express myself through the work I do in a way that feels good.

And I want to help you to do the same.



    The cycle of stuckness stops when you get clarity on what it is you're wanting to do for, or in, your business. A starter, 3-session coaching package gets you seeing where you want to go more clearly while building belief in your ability to take a step towards it.

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  • PLAN

    Leading in Plain Sight is an online, self-study course for founders and leaders who know they need to change how they're showing up, yet are unsure of what that looks like, or where to start. Create a personalized plan that will get you started.

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    When self-study isn't for you, and you feel more comfortable having a guide leading you.

    Move through the Leading in Plain Sight online course with the additional support of five, 1:1 coaching calls.

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You have a choice.

Embrace exploring and making visible who you are, or resist and try to ignore that inner voice that's making itself seen and heard.

If you're ready to embrace, you've come to the right place.

Because when you find the courage to make yourself visible, becoming visible in front of your ideal audience is easier, and everything changes:

You build unshakable confidence.

You get comfortable taking bigger risks.

Opportunities open up with ease.

Transitions in, and into, your business feel less daunting.

You fear failure less and believe in yourself more.

Whether you're feeling stuck in your 9-5, in your career break, or with the status-quo of your business, it's possible to make the business you imagine visible.

Together, let's make it (and you) visible.

Easier, faster, feeling safer, and having more fun.