If you stay hidden, nothing changes.

When you become visible - to yourself and others - your impact, influence, and income increase.

Stop hiding. From yourself, and those who need to see you.

Playing small or hiding - behind your work or your laptop - is not what you're here to do.

And you know it.

You intuitively know you can be doing more and that 'what is' in your career or business is no longer enough.

Yet, you're scared. Stuck between where you are and where you want to be. The unknown or big changes scare you. You see risks from all directions that create worries and self-doubt that stop you before you even start.

The problem is that hiding or playing safe is often perceived as a confidence issue.

The truth?

Confidence is an outcome of courageous actions.

You have to dare to transform how you see yourself and how you're showing up in your world before you can start to achieve different results, or others are going to see you differently.

And that transformation is an inside-out journey.

"You make me feel like I can do anything!"

Leadership & Corporate Wellness Provider | Women's Group Coaching Client

Let's face it.

Being seen today is not like it was a few years ago. Technology, perceived expectations, especially in an online world, and how work is done have radically changed.

You've finally admitted though, that your hiding has impacted your self-esteem, happiness, future dreams, and livelihood.

You know it's time for you to start showing up:

FEELING SECURE about how you look & sound.

BELIEVING WITHOUT A DOUBT that what you do is valuable, needed, and offers others a unique solution only you provide.

FEELING CONFIDENT even if you don't have everything figured everything out first.

OWNING + TAKING CONTROL of your presence, next steps, and future - whatever that looks and feels like to you.

But to be seen differently, you feel a struggle between who you perceive you need to be, what you want to do, and a desire to show up remaining authentic to who you are

Being seen for who you are can be scary. But do you know what's scarier?


WHAT WOULD BE POSSIBLE if your day-career just was, and you opened yourself up to pursuing dreams from days gone by that you've been secretly yearning to do? 

WHAT IF you seized and pursued opportunities to be more visible to your ideal audience instead of letting them pass you by?

IMAGINE having the confidence to show up and be present to who you want to be in front of without worrying about being perfect.

HOW WOULD YOUR BUSINESS OR CAREER CHANGE IF you transformed what you believed about your potential or what you "should" look or sound like, or what you believed you're worth and worthy of?

Dare to see yourself for who you are. Get seen by those you want to be in front of: yourself. Family. Clients. Team. Audience.

I understand how challenging it can be to stop hiding when being visible is full of unknowns.

At 40, I stepped off the ladder and became an entrepreneur.

I failed.

A lack of confidence and visibility resulted in a return to corporate with feelings of shame, guilt + business debt. Yet, there was a knowing I'd step about again. After transforming how I saw myself and releasing the fear of being seen, I did.

That's why I'm passionate about helping other impact-driven women to feel more confident as they become more visible and thrive doing that 'something more' they feel called to do.


By combining the best of both my worlds; 20+ years in Fortune 500 companies with being an award-winning businesswoman, 2X TV Host, a thought-leader cited in popular media such as Reader's Digest and Thrive, and dubbed "The Visibility Queen" by Exeleon Magazine.


"Working with Danielle has been a breath of fresh air! Her enthusiasm and experience helped to encourage me to step into the light and be visible. In a short few months, my transformation has been incredible and has led to podcast and video interviews."

Karin Anne Davis, Chief Creative Officer & Founder | Pink Pigs Fly

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Outcomes of working with me are greater confidence + creating the results you want to see through the work you do: more money, time, fulfillment, impact, deeper relationships.

This is achieved by transforming your internal mindset and you seeing, and believing, in you first.

Then, creating personalized strategies and steps that are unique to you, your work, and your goals.

Combining mindset + visibility skillsets = a modern approach that makes being seen so much easier, safer, and customized to where you are today in your visibility journey.

Be seen and heard so you are found and hired.


Stay hidden or stuck behind your laptop, spending time and money on courses or training that provide small or temporary results. Leaving you feeling frustrated because you're struggling alone or taking steps that feel too risky, full of unknowns, and are well beyond your comfort zone.

Or, work with someone who's transformed their own confidence and visibility and is dedicated to assisting you in creating permanent changes in how you, and others, see you and the work you do. All while feeling safe and supported as you take aligned steps that feel good.