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The online career support hub for careermoms.


Helping women to have down-to-earth discussions about their career dreams.




Hi, I'm Danielle Joworski.

I'm an expressive communicator with an unrelenting passion to help you succeed in the career you are in, or confidently transition into one that aligns with WHO you are today.

Yep! We are SOOOOO taking the taboo out of talking about how you are feeling unfulfilled in your career today.

Because, it's a reality.

And it's a needed  conversation because you are running yourself ragged, sacrificing your relationships with loved ones (that includes YOU!), and only venting to your girlfriends over coffee or wine is not creating the clarity you need to confidently move yourself, and those career dreams, forward.

How do I know this?

Because I've been there. Ladder climbing across multiple Fortune 500 companies. Chasing childhood dreams of what I wanted to be when I grew up. Not realizing that dreams could be expressed in different ways until it was almost too late.