Imagine the freedom to be visible, your way.

Business and visibility support for female entrepreneurs 40+, 0-5 years in business who crave alignment and want to feel free to do visibility their way.

Because hiding behind your laptop, following unaligned strategies, or believing your fears and doubts instead of believing in yourself impacts your confidence, income, and the impact you dream of making.

It's time to be seen and heard.

"You make me feel like I can do anything!"

Leadership & Corporate Wellness Provider | Coaching Client

Freedom = the courage to be visible as you.

Courage because that's what's needed to stop following trends, release the FOMO, and learn how to make visible the authentic you that's wants to be expressed.

When you understand how to explore, strengthen then share your presence and voice in ways that feel good, you'll naturally:

  • connect with ideal audiences,
  • stand out from the crowd,
  • accelerate your business growth, income and impact.

Be seen and heard. Get found and hired.

There's 3 things standing in your way of freedom.


Of where you want to grow your business, voice and presence. Without it, you'll be spending lots of time, money and energy spinning your wheels with little to slow results or growth.


What you think and believe about yourself catapults you towards the spotlight, or keeps you invisible. Learn how to harness your mind to generate biz + viz momentum like you've never experienced before.


Life happens yet the right community and environment does wonders for motivation, momentum and massive transformation.

"Working with Danielle has been a breath of fresh air! Her enthusiasm and experience helped to encourage me to step into the light and be visible. In a short few months, my transformation has been incredible and has led to podcast and video interviews."

Karin Anne Davis, Chief Creative Officer & Founder | Pink Pigs Fly

I understand the impact of being invisible + doing visibility someone else's way.

I failed my first business because I failed to be visible. I hid behind my laptop and self-doubts, and trusted other's opinions as to how to show up instead of listening to my inner voice.

From visibility fears to fulfillment and freedom, learning how to be visible my way was life-changing:

  • created and Hosted The C-Suite on Rogers tv,
  • spoke in front of audiences of 700+,
  • helped clients start, transition in their business, and 2.5X their income,
  • dubbed the "visibility queen" by Exeleon Magazine.

Freedom came from being VISIBELLE - seen in ways that feel good.

Today, I help female coaches, consultants & wellness practitioners 40+ achieve the same.


Work with me

Providing spaces, places & platforms for you to discover, strengthen and experience the freedom of being visible, your way.


    Leading in Plain Sight is for female leaders at a crossroads in their career or business, and not sure which path to take. Get clear on that path and how you want to be seen and heard with a few simple steps.



    Creating safe spaces and places for you to boost your visibility in ways that feel good. It all starts in July 2024 with a FREE Collective Visibility Brainstorming online event.


    When you want a message that connects with your audience and leaves them inspired to take action. That's what happens when your audience feels invited to be a part of the conversation.


"Since taking this course, money flows to me through multiple sources, and I am confident my future is very bright.

Danielle has all the qualities of a great coach: she is a great listener, she asks great questions, she encourages you and shows you how to be more visible, and she likes to laugh and have fun!"

Sarah, Chief Performance Officer @ Pearl Performance Incorporated

Choose freedom. Be visibelle.

Everything I do is focused on one thing: to make the visibility journey easier so you grow your business and impact faster.

Failing at visibility is the catalyst behind me providing places, spaces and platforms for you to explore and strengthen your visibility and effortlessly position and promote yourself as the expert you are.

Make the life and business you imagine visible, by becoming visibelle. Your way.


"The biggest change for me or impact for me was BELIEF! I began to believe in myself from within instead of from external sources. That was so huge for me! ... My business is expanding and I now move through life in a different and higher vibration. I feel more grounded and more calm and in harmony with myself."

Tina Franchetto, Health and Wellness, Registered Massage Therapist, BIE Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist