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Tammy Adams

Certified Life and Executive Coach, Grief Recovery® Specialist

Career regrets? Harbour emotions about being let go or downsized?

There are 40+ types of grief. Most of us don't know that a career change (wanted or unwanted) can cause grief. Holding onto the past may be impacting your ability to choose the best path moving forward.

SPECIALIZATION: Career and life recovery using the Grief Recovery Process®.

LOCATION: Near Brantford, ON




Employment Matching Service (for job seekers and companies)

BIO: Full-time work not what you want right now? Are you a new company or start-up looking for someone (and their hours) to grow with you? Believe you have to offer full-time work to attract quality professional help?

When a traditional 9-5 is not what you want as a job seeker, or need as a company, Vellicorp has non-traditional employment solution for you.

SPECIALIZATION: Permanent, part-time work for professionals in start-up to large businesses.

LOCATION: Waterloo Region.


Simone Usselman-Tod

Certified Executive Coach for Visionary Leaders and Game Changers

BIO: Desire to become a more influential, supportive and inspiring leader? Great ideas but afraid to take action? With an infectious enthusiasm, Simone Usselman-Tod's passion is to help visionary leaders create the positive change they want to see in themselves, others, and the companies they work for. Learn how to soar over, through, and beyond your biggest challenge.

SPECIALIZATION: Executive coaching, cutting-edge personal motivation techniques

LOCATION: Near Hamilton, ON