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Speaking to create thought-provoking conversations from the classroom, to the water cooler, to the car ride home.

Helping inquisitive audiences become naturally aware of their ability to be powerful leaders ~ Heroines ~ in their lives today. Stories, activities, and reflections help audiences of all ages to realize the unlimited possibilities that exist today when women and girls connect with themselves, each other, and their leadership mindsets.

Because how you see yourself as a leader ~ Heroine ~ in your own life, influences how the women around you, including your daughter, see themselves as leaders ~ Heroines ~ in their own lives. 

With people, images, and messages available to you 24-7, if you do not step into leading yourself and the women and girls around you, with strength, confidence, and courage ... then who is?

Discover the unlimited possibilities that exist when you spend the time having meaningful conversations with yourself, and the generations of women around you. You have as much to learn from them as they can learn from you.

Realize the benefits that come from women and girls becoming prodigies of each others' wisdom and experiences: 

  • Learn how to create an environment that supports sharing stories and wisdom.
  • Expand on your ability to lead thought-provoking conversations with your peers, leaders, team members, and your daughter.
  • Gain a sense of value when you share your life lessons with the intention of helping others.  

Empowering our next generation of leaders to see, feel, and BE the Hero(ines) that they are. Building esteem and awareness that we are all leaders in our own lives at any age. Educating youth on the role that values, belief, and worth play in building, and maintaining, esteem while seeing, feeling, and being empowered.

Audiences will learn about 3 mindsets that can be used to help them:

  • Make decisions easily,
  • Reflect on how past experiences are keys to overcoming today's challenges and,
  • Set, and communicate, boundaries for themselves and others.

Presentation is 30-45 minutes long and can be modified to suit audiences from primary to senior grades.