What Women
Want Workshop

I asked. Women shared. I listened.

Envisioning what you want is easy.
Achieving it just got simpler. 

A 3-day FREE virtual workshop for women ready to grow + go after the career or business they envision.
Easier, simpler, and with more flow.

April 19 - 21, 2022
11:00am - 12:00pm EST

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No more blurry future. Just clarity.

Imagine having a crystal-clear picture of what you want your career or business to be, steps to get you from here to there, and guided by someone with proven results of achieving big, brave + bold changes in her own career and business.

What would your career or business look and feel like if stuck, stalled, or settling for "what is" were replaced with momentum, drive, or renewed ambition for "what can be"?

Here's the thing ...

There won't ever be a 'perfect time' to take that next step
It's a guarantee. At some point, to end up and be where you want to be, you're going to have to move from that place of known routines, predictable outcomes, and where you're comfortable today (even if it's making you feel uncomfortable). Change can be scary, but it doesn't have to be so overwhelming you avoid it.
We all make mistakes
Stepping from "what is" to the vision you see for your business can results in a powerful struggle of internal conflict. Change = growth which creates a dynamic shift in the relationship you have with your comfortable habits vs possible mistakes. Mistakes, and failures, happen, but when you have a clear vision of where you're going and simple steps to direct you from here to there, you can take control of fears of the unknown or unpredictable, and move through change, easier, simpler, and with more flow. 
No one has a perfect solution
But we all have solutions that have worked for us. That's what this workshop is for and HOW it's different. Yes, you'll learn how to get clear on what you want, understand the impact of your thoughts on your results. BUT ... you'll also learn from each other. You'll be encouraged to come off mute to share your experiences because your story may be the solution somone else needs to hear. When women are provided with a safe space to share, listen and learn from each other, you never know what magic will happen. 

It's scary to take small steps forward sometimes, let alone a leap.

BUT the only way to see how far you can take your career or business is to make a decision to choose yourself, knowing that:

• even those small steps forward count
• steps can be taken one at a time
• AND they don't have to be taken alone.

The choice to choose YOU has been made easy.
Join our 3-day, FREE What Women Want Workshop (WWWW) to learn, grow, and network.

We're taking a revolutionary approach to supporting women, turning the spotlight on YOU and what YOU WANT so you're seen, heard, and supported. 

And we're doing it all with this FIRST EVER virtual workshop format. This is NOT like the webinars you've gotten used to over these past few years.

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SO ... what do women want?
Women from across North America were asked that question. What they wanted was loud + clear.

  1. To express themselves
    As who they are, through what they do, and they want to feel confident "putting themselves out there". The WWWW flips the tables around and gives you a seat at it.  How much you're seen + heard, and how, is up to you.
  2. To collaborate, not compete
    Taking those next steps forward in your career is easier, simpler, and faster when you have the support, encouragement + cheerleading of others. The WWWW offers opportunities for you to network with other like-minded women because you never know where you can meet your next collaboration partner if you don't actually get to meet them!
  3. To feel supported
    Taking steps towards those big dreams and goals you envision can be scary. The WWWW is guided by someone with 15+ years Fortune 500 experience in leadership, adult learning, continuous improvement and proven results creating exponential results and transformational change personally and professionally.
  4. To create impact
    When you're compelled to leave a positive mark on the lives of others - your family, organization or community, you're feeling on-purpose and fulfilled. When you have clarity on what steps to take first and feel confident with the direction you're headed in, the impact you can achieve can be magical.

Get an expert listening ear + guidance from a multi-Fortune 500 leader with a passion for supporting the growth, success, and promotion of women's voices, careers, and businesses.

How the WWWW Works:


This is NOT the traditional webinar format with talking head you've probably gotten used to.

Get ready to participate and share your voice (camera on or off)!

Small group, large group + Q&A. Get to know yourself and your business goals while hearing and learning from other women.


You'll be encouraged to connect with your workshop attendees. You never know where you next business partnership, collaboration, or accountability buddy will come from!

There's no ego here - just a safe space for women to meet, share, and hear each others' voices. Not only one voice.


Learn a 4-step process to help you feel more comfortable with the direction + growth of your career or business:
1️⃣Clarity on what you want.
2️⃣Understanding how your current thoughts = current results.
3️⃣The ONE decision you need to make.
4️⃣What action you can take today that becomes your first step towards what you want.

Who is this workshop for?

Women 40+ who are feeling ...


where they are because of doubts in their ability to achieve the success they envision, doing what they want to do.


in their momentum forward because of worries around risking today's security for tomorow's dream, judgement of others, and "what happens if ...".


for "what is" because it's "good enough", comfortable, and known, and pursuing something different is unknown, uncomfortable and scary.
Meet your WWWW Host.

Danielle Joworski is a Mindset + Visibility Catalyst and TV Host. She emboldens impact-driven, heart-led women 40+ who feel stuck, stalled or settling in their work to confidently increase their visibility so they achieve the success they envision in their career or business easier, simpler, and with more flow.

Danielle achieves this by blending her careers in leadership, adult learning and continuous imporvement at H.J. Heinz, Campbell’s Soup, Johnson & Johnson, and Toyota, with her failures and successes as a 2-time entrepreneur. Today, she’s an award-winning businesswoman, podcast Guest and speaker passionate about helping women to be seen, heard, found, and hired. 

PS - the event is being held during Danielle's birthday week so there will be a few surprises to share 💙 


Danielle Joworski

Mindset + Visibility Catalyst for Women 40+

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