Increase your visibility. Grow your business. Create the impact you imagine.

All because the process of becoming visible is made easier (and more fun).

I'm here today because of you.

Without the support and services of women entrepreneurs like you, my business would not exist. I honestly believe that.

Women entrepreneurs who supported me in my first business attempt, the temporary return to corporate, then the launching of my TV show (The C-Suite on Rogers tv), and starting up my business again when I transitioned out of corporate the 2nd time. 

That's how I know that the work you do is:

  • Powerful
  • Transformational
  • Life-changing

And it's why I'm passionate about helping you to be seen & heard.

Because your ideal clients needs to experience the thing only you can do.

Because being seen today sometimes feels hard, or next to impossible.

So many strategies to choose from can create overwhelm making you want to quit before you even get started.

So how do you choose which one is right for you, right now?

You're not ready to take big leaps, yet have a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) by delaying, so you stay stuck, procrastinate or just shut down.

What if your leap could be broken down into smaller, more manageable (and believable) steps?

A fear of feeling like an imposter or spending time and money on strategies that don't feel good keep you hiding or playing small.

What if being seen and heard felt aligned and you got excited to show up and express who you are?

Welcome to the VisibelleCEO™ event.

This one-of-a-kind event is where you are in control of your next visibility steps so getting in front of your ideal audience feels easier, which means you can grow your business faster.

This event is designed specifically to get you:

  • Clarity on what being visible means to you and your business.
  • Identifying visibility steps that align with who you are and where you are in your business plus visibility journeys.
  • Surrounded by women who are all about helping you to take action on those steps.

An event ideal for women:

  • In the idea to start-up stages of business.
  • Feeling stuck either in a 9-5, or in a visibility funk and want (or need) your business to take off in 2023.
  • Tired of spending time, money and energy implementing strategies that don't feel good.
  • Ready to take that leap yet ... aren't sure what that exactly looks like, or how.
  • Done with Zoom screens and craving in-person connections.
  • Wanting to attend a women's empowerment event but not wanting the hassle of driving into Toronto.

Don't wait! Tickets are limited. Buy yours today.

Forget having to drive into the 'big city'. The solutions and support you need are right in your backyard.

DATE: Saturday May 27th, 2023

TIME: 9am - 3:30pm

PLACE: The Sunday Studio, Downtown Kitchener

COST: $300* + applicable tax

Join other like-minded women in a safe environment who embrace the ideas of:
  • Women supporting women.
  • Collaboration over competition.
  • Elevating the presence and voices of women as a collective.

The VisibelleCEO™: Overview


    When visibility actions aren't rooted in your business goals or deeper 'why', actions can feel unsafe. You'll create a visibility plan that clearly identifies 'what' steps to take that feel smaller, more manageable, and less risky.


    Once you've identified 'what' steps to take, get ready to lead intentional conversations with a small group of exclusive Vendors. Go from idea to action easier and faster. Building your own business doesn't have to be built alone.


    Hear from local experts and visibility strategists. Tips, trends, and tools you can implement ASAP will be shared via organic, conversation-style chats that you're invited to be a part of so bring your questions!


    Increase your visibility by expanding your network. You'll be guided in reflective and engaging ways to connect; perfect if you're introverted, feeling shy or haven't had a chance to practice networking in person yet.

What women are saying about this event already:

"And I really think this event will be sooooo valuable!!!

It's clearlyery well though out and created with intention. "

VisibelleCEO™ attendee

"I am IN!

Let's help all women be the AMAZING beings they are!"."

VisibelleCEO™ Confirmed Vendor

You will walk away from this event with:

An expanded LOCAL network of like-minded changemakers.

Clarity on visibility strategies aligned with where you are in your business + visibility journeys. Not where someone else is, or too far outside of your comfort zone.

A visibility plan personalized by you, for you. Because you are the expert in who you are and what matters in how you show up.

Exclusive conversations and connections with local experts.

Greater belief, courage and confidence to 'put yourself out there'.

Save time, energy, money and frustration getting the support you need to stand out in ways that feel good.

Be seen & heard and get found & hired to do the work you feel called to do at this stage of your life.

Grab your ticket today. Limited numbers.

What you receive with your event ticket:

• 2-hour workshop led by me, with workbook (Danielle).

• Access to local visibility experts (Vendors).

• Intentional, organic networking + guided opportunities to increase your visibility.

• Light breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks (vegetarian and gluten-free options will be available).

• BONUS ... accountability check-ins after the event with me.

$300* CDN + applicable tax


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*NOTE: No refunds.
PHOTO/MEDIA RELEASE: By purchasing a ticket and attending the VisibelleCEO™ event, you acknowledge that at the event there will be photos, audio, and/or videos taken and that You may be photographed and/or recorded. By attending this event, You consent to and give permission to be photographed, filmed and/or recorded and for your likeness and/or voice to be shared in photos and/or video on social media, websites or other visual formats without compensation, credit or other consideration.