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Welcome to Thinking Into Results® (TIR). A 12 to 24-week, premier, world-renowned coaching program designed to revolutionize your thinking to create results and success you've only imagined, until now.

TIR was designed and developed from over 60 years of research by leading personal growth expert Bob Proctor. It has become a leading program facilitated around the globe to individuals, teams, and organizations with one goal in mind; to make visible whatever you want using the power of your thinking and the imagination of your mind.

Why I Choose to Facilitate the Thinking Into Results® Program:
How do I know TIR can have this kind of impact?

Because it's the program I've used many times over to create the success achieved in my life, career and business.

I used to be overwhelmed, working more hours than I wanted to count, and feeling guilty about not prioritizing myself or my family and friends. Standing out and being heard was not my style. I was a high-school wallflower, and used to run at the sight of a camera.

Understanding how to set ME-centric goals around the biggest dreams I could imagine, then how to shift my thinking to align with what I wanted has transformed not just my life, but the lives of those I come in contact with.

Today, I pitched, now Host a TV show. I'm an award-winning business woman, grew my network by 2x in just months, and successfully transitioned from Fortune 500 into being a full-time entrepreneur.

All achieved after turning 40. All because I was learning, and applying, the lessons taught in Thinking Into Results®.
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Discuss your interest in TIR 1:1 with Danielle
Get clear on what you want
Over 30 minutes, we'll get you clear on what that definition of success is for you
Become Aware
Gain awareness of what's responsible for resistance, that feeling "stuck", and what's holding you back from moving towards what you want
Discuss Next Steps
Together, we talk about the program, what's required and  what you can expect. You then decide what you want to do next. No obligations.
Asked Questions
How is TIR facilitated?
The TIR program is divided into 12 distinct lessons. Each lesson is studied for 1-2 weeks for a total of 12 to 24 weeks. 

Weekly, Danielle will host LIVE webinars. You'll have lesson-specific webinars, then additional webinars designed to help you expand your awareness and application of the lesson material into your life/work/career.
What do I get with the TIR program?
Your investment in the Thinking Into Results® program includes:

• A digital workbook
• Access to a private, CLIENT ONLY Facebook group
• 24 weeks of weekly, LIVE webinars (Zoom + streamed into the CLIENT ONLY Facebook group)
• Daily 6am Eastern Intention calls (streamed)
• Monthly, 15-minute "laser" coaching calls with Danielle (to be booked by Clients)
• CLIENT ONLY events and Guest speakers
How much does TIR cost? Do you have payment plans?
You can sign up to take Thinking Into Results® as a 12 or 24-week online group coaching program based on your comfort level and budget.

Cost is $4000 USD*

Cost is $6000 USD*

Payment plans are available and can be discussed with Danielle when you book your Connection Conversation. Book here.

*All pricing includes any applicable taxes
What's expected of me as a Client? what can I expect?
As a Client, you are expected to follow the program as communicated (twice daily listening/watching of the lesson plan), attend webinars, complete the lesson exercises, and engage in the private, Client community. You are expected to book complimentary, 15-minute 'laser" coaching calls when additional clarity, support or validation are needed. 

You can expect to become part of a world-renowned personal growth, transformational program. 

Because personal growth is, well .... personal, individual results will vary. What results you can expect will be influenced by your studying, prior knowledge and awareness, understanding, and application of the Thinking Into Results® program material and following any coaching provided. 

I bring more than 20 years of Fortune 500 experience across multiple industries and divisions into what I do. That's combined with the success I've achieved as a small business owner, and personal transformation acquired by using the TIR program myself.

Even with all this experience, you can expect that if I don't have an answer to something, I'll say so, and source out the answer. You can expect to see and learn from Expert Guest speakers during Client-only events. You can expect a safe community where you are supported in achieving 

You can expect that I will be the one you speak with on 'laser' coaching calls with you. So you have consistent support, and awareness of your individual success needs and goals. 
Ready to join?