The VisibelleCEO™

Believe. Be you. Be visible.

Make the invisible, visible.

Being a CEO - Chief Evolutionary Officer - is not about a specific role you have in your business. It's about the journey women experience evolving in their role as leaders of their business, of their life, and in the lives of others.

The 'belle' is about women seeing and believing in their inner beauty, self, and undiscovered potential, then expressing and making it visible for others to see.

It's about helping women to embrace themselves as the business leaders they are while increasing their confidence to be seen + heard so they transtion, grow, and THRIVE as the CEO of the business they love.


Woman entrepreneur or small business owner who continually finds the courage to take action as she steps into the unknown and steps out as a leader in her business, life, and of positive change.


Awareness that as she discovers and strengthens her internal self and voice, her self-belief, esteem, and confidence transforms, allowing her external presence and voice to become more visible to others. 


Vulnerability and authenticity and views them as strengths. She's not perfect - she's willing to take steps with her presence to learn and grow. She knows that as she becomes more visible to herself, she's more visible to her audience, and they become more visible to her.


The collective power, influence, and impact that can be achieved when women work together to combine, leverage, support, and share our voices and presence.

The VisibelleCEO™ is for women:

• Done settling for 'what is' when their eyes and heart are set on 'what can be'.

• Ready to stop hiding and feeling like they aren't enough.

• Feeling compelled to evolve themselves and their business to further the well-being of others in the world.

Why become a more VisibelleCEO™?

For Your Own
  • Increased confidence
  • Embrace who you are today, no longer hiding her, or hiding from her
  • More clarity on what you want
  • Freedom in time, energy, and others' expectations
  • Achieve goals that were once dreams simpler and faster

For the Growth
of your Business
  • More consistently attract your ideal audience, customers, and opportunities
  • Clarity for your audience on who you are, what you do, and how you can help them
  • Open doors to new opportunities, people, and income streams with more ease
  • Be seen where your audience is 

For the Impact
You Want to Make
  • Being seen + heard - your presence and visibility - is about about stepping onto that path of fulfillment and feeling on purpose
  • Achieve meaningful relationships, results, and impact because  you're no longer spending the time and energy keeping who you truly are hidden
  • When you and your business THRIVE, we all THRIVE together.

Hiding impacts your self-belief and confidence. It also impacts the service, success, and survivability of your business.
hiding in your business, behind someone else's shadow, or behind your laptop. The world you want to be seen in needs to see + hear you.
believing you are worthy of the success, meaning, and impact you're driven to achieve. Learn how to step into yourself + your potential by stepping more confidently out and out in front of those you want to be seen by.

Learn more about how to become a more VisibelleCEO™.

Services to support you at every step of your leadership and visibility journey so you more confidently evolve into who you are.

The VisibelleCEO™ Community

A platform and opportunity to strengthen the collective voices of women.  

A high-value offer + community for service-based women entrepreneurs ready to transform their confidence + visibility. 

We're different because each event has been designed   

Watch. Learn. Participate. Grow.

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Visibility Consulting

You and your business are unique, so why follow someone else's visibility strategy?

1:1 support for women ready to take those next bold steps to put themselves out there - whatever that means to you!

Feel safe and supported as you create (and implement) a custom, step-by-step visibility plan.

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Confidence Coaching

Evolve your belief in who you are and what you do while accelerating the growth of your business at never-seen-before leaps.

"Life-changing" has been said by clients.

For impact-driven women entrepreners at all stages from idea to 6+ figures. Increase the impact, influence, and income of your business as you create the freedom you imagine with greater ease + flow.

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