Increase your visibility. Grow your business. Create the impact you imagine.

All while feeling supported, celebrated, and cheered on.

The VisibelleCEO™ is ..

  • a female, service-based entrepreneur or small business owner who's 40+ in the wellness & growth space (think coaches, holistic practitioners, community leaders)
  • ready to take that next step in her business - either starting it or branching out from status-quo
  • intentional on growing her confidence alongside her visibility skillsets

Who is ready to ...

  • strengthen her voice by practicing being visible
  • up-level her presence and positioning herself as the expert she is
  • stop hiding behind memes or her laptop, and start stepping out and showing her face and voice

While embracing ...

  • vulnerability, authenticity and her intuition as strengths
  • personal growth as a necessary element of business growth
  • the collective power and impact possible when women come together in collaboration, not competition

If this sounds like you, or what you want, you've just found the community and support you and your business are looking for.

  • to stop wasting time and money on courses or strategies that don't feel aligned. So you stay hidden.

  • to invest in yourself and decrease the risks when becoming visible by practicing in a safe space.

  • to learn from & support others while accepting support as everyone grows their business.

Other communities provide strategies to grow your business.The VisibelleCEO™ helps you grow your confidence in implementing the visibility strategies needed to grow your business.

Monthly events included in your membership are designed to give you a seat at the table and opportunities to be seen and heard:


Gain knowledge, tips and insights related to a visibility element.

I teach for part of the time (recorded) then open up the virtual floor for organic conversation with attendees to hear and learn from each other (not recorded).

Open Mic

Where members take over the microphone! Well ... the Zoom screen at least.

Guest Voices gain value in 2 ways:

• They practice sharing something; pitch, presentation or idea

• They ask the audience for support so they can learn, such as feedback, holding space, or brainstorming ideas.

Connection Event (Networking)

Join us for an unscripted conversation without needing to pitch!

The group conversation is guided by a specific theme, yet the conversation will flow where it's going to flow. Bring your authentic self and connect with others as people, not prospects.

Join for only $39/mth CDN.

You and your business are worth it.

Make becoming visible in your business easier, faster and more fun.

Gain access to hundreds of dollars of service and support per month.

All for less than the cost of one 'fancy' coffee a week.

  • 1️⃣ BOOK A CALL

    Why is a call needed? Because creating a safe space is pivotal. It's not an interview, just getting clear on your needs and if this community is aligned with your vision and values.


    We'll chat. You'll share more about what it is you're needing in your business. You'll learn what the community has to offer you.

  • 3️⃣ DECIDE

    You'll decide whether The VisibelleCEO™ community meets your needs and we'll go from there. No required monthly terms.

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IMPORTANT Disclaimers: I am not a believer in overnight success. Change in any facet of your life or business requires dedication, commitment, and work. I do not or will not make any guarantees about what results (e.g. financial, relationships, career, business, success, workplace) you will or won't achieve in any facet of your life or business through the information shared, conversations, or work completed as a part of the VisibelleCEO™ community. Psychological safety is paramount within the community. When purchasing a VisibelleCEO™ membership you will first be asked to acknowledge the community TERMS AND CONDITIONS before being provided with a membership link.