Success Coach + Visibility Consultant for Women 40+

On a mission to create platforms and programs that embolden women to strengthen their voices and use them to achieve the success they desire, deserve and are destined for

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At 40, it became painfully clear that the logical, linear, single career path I'd been on since my 20's was no longer for me.

Exhausted from climbing ladders and feeling lost, I chose to explore a much different path in entrepreneurialism. Here, hidden fears and beliefs around visibility, what a fulfilling career path meant, owning my value, worth and voice became all too apparent. What I also experienced was seeing other women struggling with the same thing.

Returning to the world I was comfortable in, I saw women struggling with career challenges that I soared through.

The difference?

The growth gained, and access to support, discovered during those entrepreneur years. This awareness was the catalyst to my belief in helping women becoming greater than my fear of being seen and heard.

So I created, then pitched, and became the Host The C-Suite on Rogers tv™. This connected the 2 worlds I loved being in; professional women's career challenges to the solutions provided by women entrepreneurs.

With the show, not only did I become visible, women's career challenges and voices became more visible. From this, a new career path as a Coach + Consultant arose. It's a career that's fulfilling and incorporates my multiple passions, and allows me to have one shoe in each world, working with and supporting women in both corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.


B.Sc. (Microbiology), B.Ed.-Adult Education, PGCert - Educational Leadership, Certified Life & Executive Coach Practitioner
Danielle Joworski is all about providing the support and platforms to embolden women to be more visible through what they do so they are seen, heard, and in front of those who matter the most.

Danielle Joworski a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a diversity and depth to her interests, experiences, and skillsets. From musical tastes ranging from classical to heavy metal to pop, to her feeling comfortable and at home in corporate or entrepreneurial worlds, she's learned how to integrate all parts of herself in her work. She's dedicated to supporting women to believe in their value and worth, so they have the confidence to become more visible and in front of who they want to be seen by in their life, career or business.

Her personal mantra of "Where you start is not where you have to stay", is seen in her own career journey spanning 4 industries, multiple divisions and Fortune 500 companies, and leaping into the entrepreneurial world; twice. A former high-school dance wallflower turned ambivert, Danielle feels most alive when leading conversations with other women whether it be with Guests on her TV show The C-Suite, Clients, making new connections, or LIVE on her social media.

When not working, Danielle is relaxing with a book, connecting with friends, or adding to her favourite form of self-expression; her shoes. Grocery shopping is her personal therapy, and her magical, party conversation skill is being able to say the alphabet backwards in less than 7 seconds.

With a career that started in a microbiology lab and a journey working for multiple, top industry leaders, Danielle Joworski’s mantra is “where you start is not where you have to stay”. 

Today, she combines her backgrounds in corporate leadership and training, continuous improvement, and process design with her business and personal experience as a Success Coach and Visibility Consultant.

Danielle helps professional women and entrepreneurs 40+ to increase their visibility so they can create the career or business impact they feel compelled to achieve, with less overwhelm, more ease and confidence. Her passion to support women in amplifying their voices through the work they do can be seen through her presence as a TV Host of The C-Suite on Rogers tv, International Best-Selling Author and Rhyze® Award-Winning businesswoman, international speaker, frequent podcast Guest, and career mentor. 

Clients identify Danielle's “cognitive flexibility” and “high-level of adaptability” as her unique values. Her expertise is in her ability to intuitively integrate personal growth practices (mindset) with professional development techniques (skillset) to help Clients develop deeper, more meaningful relationships, achieve desired career, lifestyle or business goals, or optimize performance. When not leading or being a part of conversations, Danielle is at home with her family and dog, and is continually expanding on her favourite form of self-expression; her shoes.

Danielle Joworski - Media Kit

Danielle is an international speaker focused on leading conversations that help women feel emboldened to own their career path and success, at any stage.

Example speaking topics include:

• How to create success you want in the career you already have
 • Increasing your visibility in your career or business  
 • Self-improvement 
 • Entrepreneurship  
 • Confidence building (on and off camera)

Book Danielle to speak at your next corporate or networking event. 




My signature program that artfully blends 60+ years of mindset research with my 20+ years of skillset development.

A repeatable, step-by-step program that combines mindset knowledge with skillset development that you can apply to any element of your life, career or business where you're not achieving the results you want.

Developed to help you transform your thinking and voice, so you achieve the success you desire in your career or business.

Delivered in a one-of-a-kind fashion where you're met where you are today, and feel seen, heard, and supported every step of the way.


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