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"Where you start is not where you have to stay."

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Are you ready to make what you imagine visible?

When you've worked all these years, and you become aware that where you are today is not where you want to be, it can feel a little daunting, overwhelming, frustrating, ______________________ (insert emotion).

You may feel like there's a tug-of-war happening between your thoughts causing your emotions to feel like they're on a teeter-totter. It's making you doubt yourself, fear change, and worry about your future. Yes, a change would be GREAT and welcomed. But to make a change is hard, and you're comfortable. However, staying where you are is becoming harder, and uncomfortable.

Stay, go. Settle, grow.

If you've reached your 40's, you grew up in a time when much of society saw women as secondary income earners. If a career path had to be sacrificed in the family, it was yours. Career paths taught to us in our 20's were logical, consisted of doing only one thing, and seemed to be limited by glass ceilings.

At some point over the last few years, you've become aware that not only have you changed, but that something needs to change related to your work. Sure, the work you did before was fine. But today, you're sensing a need to do more. To be more. To use all your experience in a way that truly makes an impact and helps others.

You want time freedom. To be seen and recognized for your work and the value you provide. You want personal growth alongside professional development. A sense of purpose or fulfillment. To use your skills and knowledge in challenging ways to help others, while being paid what you're worth.

After 40, you're supposed to be thinking about security, looking ahead to retirement, getting the kids out of the house while starting to take care of your parents (or doing both at the same time). Not thinking about redefining who you are, what success truly looks and feels like, then making it visible. Right?


I believe in a vision where a woman's career path and success are limited only by her imagination or reach of her voice.

Make what you imagine visible, by becoming visible.


B.Sc. (Microbiology), B.Ed.-Adult Education, PGCert - Educational Leadership, Certified Life & Executive Coach Practitioner
Danielle Joworski is all about providing the support and platforms to embolden women to be more visible through what they do so they are seen, heard, and in front of those who matter the most.

Danielle Joworski a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a unique diversity and depth to her interests and experiences. With musical tastes ranging from classical to heavy metal, feeling at home in corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, and a career path that started in a microbiology lab and led to broadcasting, she's learned how to transition, leap and leverage her strengths to create a fulfilling career journey.

Danielle emboldens heart-centered, multi-passionate professional women and entrepreneurs to release the doubts, worries, and fears associated with making bold changes in their career or business so they achieve the success they envision with less risk and more ease, trust, and confidence. Her personal mantra of "Where you start is not where you have to stay", is seen in her own career journey spanning 4 industries, multiple divisions and Fortune 500 companies, and leaping into the entrepreneurial world; twice. A former high-school dance wallflower turned ambivert, Danielle feels most alive when engaged in conversations whether it be with Guests on her TV show The C-Suite on Rogers tv™, Clients, audiences, or industry thought-leaders and change makers as a podcast Guest.

When not working, Danielle is relaxing with a book, connecting with friends, or adding to her favourite form of self-expression; her shoes. Grocery shopping is her personal therapy, and her magical, party conversation skill is being able to say the alphabet backwards in less than 7 seconds.

Looking for your next speaker?

I'm an experienced Keynote speaker, talking LIVE to audiences of 400+.

My speaking style is engaging and interactive where tips, insights, and conversations are shared to help women feel more confident taking control and owning their career or business path, growth, and success at any stage.

Favourite speaking topics include: mindset, visibility, how being multi-passionate or a multipotentialite is your super-power, and the hidden gems of failing forward.

Custom topics can be curated to suite the theme or need of your networking or corporate event. Contact me today at danielle@daniellejoworski.com to start the conversation.

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