Meet Danielle

The work I do is founded on personal experiences where career and business growth were challenging, sometimes painful, because of a fear to use my voice, to speak up, and be seen.

These were fears I witnessed other professional women and entrepreneurs experiencing as they struggled to keep up with an out-of-control and unsatisfying career paths, played safe and small causing them to miss out on opportunities to grow their business, and felt guilty about spending so much time working and not living.

For over 6 years, I've done the work to explore and discover what was holding me back from feeling comfortable shining the spotlight on me, and transforming my confidence to use my voice to be seen, heard and found. Today, I'm grateful to share that journey, and support women on theirs. 



A world where a woman's career choices and success are limited only by her imagination and reach of her voice.



To embolden women to feel comfortable and confident to amplify their voice to be present where they want to be, achieving their highest potential, purpose or impact. 




Community  •  Courage  •  Collaboration  •  Conversations  •  Compensation
All founded on being, and feeling, authentic to who you are.



Danielle Joworski a multi-passionate entrepreneur dedicated to creating opportunities and experiences where mid-career professional women and entrepreneurs feel safe and emboldened to step out of their comfort zone and shine the spotlight on themselves in their life, career, or business in baby, brave + BOLD ways. The result is women using their imagination and voice to create a career path that feels authentic to who they are, be seen, heard, and present in front of those who matter the most, and achieve a level of success and fulfillment they desire. All accomplished with less overwhelm, more ease, and an undeniable confidence in who they are and what they do.



With a career that started in a microbiology lab and a journey working for multiple, top industry leaders, Danielle Joworski’s mantra is “where you start is not where you have to stay”. 

Today, she combines her backgrounds in corporate leadership and training, continuous improvement, and process design with her business and personal experience as a Mindset Coach and Visibility Consultant & Strategist. Danielle helps mid-career professional women and entrepreneurs to increase their visibility so they can create the career or business impact they feel compelled to achieve, with less overwhelm, more ease and confidence. Her passion to support women in amplifying their voices through the work they do can be seen through her presence as a TV Host of The C-Suite on Rogers tv, International Best-Selling Author and Rhyze® Award-Winning businesswoman, international speaker, and career mentor for high-school students.

Clients identify Danielle's “cognitive flexibility” and “high-level of adaptability” as her unique values. Her expertise is in her ability to intuitively integrate personal growth practices (mindset) with professional development techniques (skillset) to help Clients develop deeper, more meaningful relationships, achieve desired career, lifestyle or business goals, or optimize performance.

When not leading or being a part of conversations, Danielle is at home with her family and dog, and is continually expanding on her favourite form of self-expression; her shoes.


B. Sc. | B.Ed. - Adult Education | Post-Graduate Certification in Educational Leadership | Certified Life & Executive Coach 


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