The bigger the belief, the larger the leap.

Get ready to transform your thinking, and results. You, and your business, are about to evolve in a way you dreamed about, but never imagined was possible.

Envisioning what you want is easy. Achieving it just got simpler.

The only pre-requisite to achieving what you imagine is a belief in the need for the outcome you imagine.

What if, in a few months, you didn't recognize the image of the woman staring back at you in the mirror?

You have a subtle confidence not seen, or felt, before.

You're moving in your business and making things happen with ease + flow. 

You're turning dreams into reality and feeling a freedom not felt since you were a child.

What would your life look + feel like if you had ...


The time freedom you dream about?

It is possible to do and achieve 'more' while working less. It sounds illogical, but that's the kind of thinking that can soon feel as natural as your morning routine.


Deeper, more meaningful relationships (with yourself + others)?

Become more aware of who you are at a deeper level. This means you have more of yourself to share with others. Leading yourself and others will have a magic you've never experienced before.


A simpler, safer, and faster transition out of your day-career with success sooner (not later)?

Because you want to feel fulfilled by what you do, not just 'fine'. That transition from one world to another can be challenging, or you can feel excited and confident in your ability to step from one world into the other running.


More consistent sales?

Release fears of the 'feast or famine' cycle that is common in entrepreneurialism. Grow your business and achieve your income goals with ideal clients & customers showing up with less work and more fun. Yes, it really is possible!


Increased belief in yourself and confidence to 'put yourself out there'?

Kick your doubts, worries, and fears of being visible to the curb. You won't recognize yourself or believe what you've achieved after only a few short months when you start feeling more confident in who you are and what you can do.

I teach women like you how to believe in who you are and what you truly can do (ever after 40) using a timeless, repeatable, and step-by-step journey. Feel safe + supported each step of the way as you experience what happens when the invisible becomes visible.

Welcome to Thinking Into Results®

Designed by

Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher.

THINKING INTO RESULTS® (TIR) is a world-renowned, transformational growth program. It's used by individuals + businesses around the world to achieve goals that were once unimaginable, and to develop people to up-level their performance beyond what they previously imagined.

TIR comes from 60+ years of research into the art + science of mindset and personal growth. With proven results time and time again, TIR is a step-by-step and repeatable program designed to help you achieve the goals you dream about.

Again and again.

Delivered by

Danielle Joworski.

Of all the programs out there, and even with a background in instructional design and adult learning, I chose TIR as my high-value program for Clients.

Life-changing is the perfect word to describe my own, and Client's, personal and professional transformations achieved from studying this very program.

From a new-found belief and increased confidence, to feeling fulfilled, and creating a life that was once only a vision. Choosing yourself and your growth is an investment in not only your future, but for the future of your family and business.

Key Outcomes of Working with Danielle in this Program

Transformation + Confidence + Lifelong Investment In Your Growth and Potential 

Greater Clarity + Self-Awareness

Until you change your thinking, achieving any personal or business growth will take longer, be more work, and feel harder. TIR can help you to evolve your thinking and create permanent changes. Learn basic to advanced methodologies that will help you to achieve the business you imagine simpler, faster, and with more ease + flow.

Increased Belief + Confidence

Be guided by someone who believes in you and knows what's possible for you because they've done, and continue to do, the work. Be mentored by someone who embraces collaboration, conversation, and rest (not the hustle + grind). Be seen, heard, and supported like nothing else experienced in other group programs.

Lifelong Tools + Change

You'll learn transformational mindset practices from the program while gaining additional complimentary tools and skillsets designed by someone trained in adult learning and education so you know exactly how to apply what you're learning to your goal. No guessing. No time wasted. Only forward movement.

Results clients have already achieved*

2.5X their monthly income

Implementing new business elements in months

Achieving childhood dreams 

Increased personal belief, joy, time freedom, and fulfilment

What's Included in your Thinking Into Results® (TIR) Group Program Investment**

Benefit one

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Personal growth for business success

How the Program Works


Build New Belief in Yourself
In who you are, what you do, and the unique value you offer to others. You'll be amazed what you learn about yourself and what you're truly capable of when you shift from believing you "can't" be visible to finding it hard to believe how excited you feel that you "get to" be visible.


Discover courage you never knew you had
Take consistent actions and steps that are just outside your comfort zone - because that's where the growth and new results are. Gain a whole new perspective around what visibility is and means to you, your business, and the impact you want to create.


Start to feel comfortable being seen
Homework and take-away exercises help you to integrate what you're learning into your business ASAP. Results and growth come from taking intentional and meaningful actions, and that's exactly what you'll be doing. One step at a time.


Watch where your new confidence will takes you
Feel and see the transformation over just a few months! From feeling more confident on camera to showing up on social media in new engaging ways, to applying to speaking events, or amplifying your networking skills.

Frequently asked questions

What stage of business should I be in to get the most value out of visibility consulting?

Visibility consulting is suitable for any stage of business. Because the 4 weeks offer structure, yet flexibility, your visibility goals and action plan can be customized to meet you where you are in your business today.

What can I expect - coaching or consulting (asking questions, or providing advice or recommendations)?

You can expect to get a blend of coaching and consulting. Because I'm a believer in you being empowered to own the direction, growth, and visibility of your business, I'll guide you to reflect on different options and come up with your own solutions. I'll also provide actionable tips, insights, and suggestions related to on-camera presence, or approaching a visibility challenge.

What's expected of me?

To be open and coachable. Increasing your visibility to achieve your goals will require you to step outside your comfort zone. You will be expected to take notes during sessions and complete any "homework" provided. What you put into your sessions will create the outcomes you achieve.

I can attest that Danielle WILL help you believe!! Thanks Danielle! 💕

Toronto, Ontario

“You're the best! I really appreciate all your help. I couldn't have done this a few months ago!”
CEO, B2B/B2C Innovation Educator

Toronto, Ontario