The C-Suite

The 'C' stands for CHOICE.

The C-Suite on Rogers tv is helping women to create choices in their careers by connecting women’s career and workplace challenges to solutions, services and stories provided by women entrepreneurs and business women from our own backyards in Southern Ontario to around the world.

In its 3rd season, with over 120 interviews completed to date, women now have a trusted resource and hub for tips, insights and different perspectives to help solve their career and workplace challenges. 

Guests on The C-Suite talk about trending career topics from all facets of a career journey to help you to:

Increase knowledge and perspectives of how to own your career journey, problem-solve with a different mindset, or approach what you do in a different way.




Gain skills and tools you can implement immediately to increase your engagement in what you do, and effectiveness in your ability to do it. 





Become aware that you aren’t the only one experiencing your career challenge, and how to find help an email, follow or phone call away.





Being on The C-Suite with Danielle was fun, exciting, liberating and empowering! It was energizing to be interviewed by Danielle who is not only easy to talk to but she really digs deep to have deep and meaningful conversations that we all think about but feel like we can’t talk about.

Amanda Gazzola - Lifestyle Strategist - Relove+Rise


What do Guests talk about on the show?

Below are just a few of the topics we've covered over 2 full seasons.










Danielle has taken her experience as a successful corporate manager and her entrepreneurial journey and created this awesome show! As businesswomen we are often faced with difficult and confusing decisions, and Danielle brings as her guests, other women who can help us feel understood, and also provide some guidance. I was thrilled to be a guest on the show, and was very impressed at how Danielle manages to be both a consummate professional and also warm and engaging. I recommend looking through her episodes if you have a specific challenge you’re facing, and also watching everything you have time for because sometimes we just don’t know what we don’t know! Thanks for this Danielle, you’re helping mentor a lot of people who will change the world.

Tamsen Taylor, Ph.D.,CGRS, PMP - Emotional Educator, Connector - Tamsen Connects


How can you watch, learn more about, or apply to be on The C-Suite?

You can find The C-Suite on:

• Rogers tv cable 20 (Waterloo, Wellington and Brant regions)

• On the show website here

• Or viewing segment on the Rogers tv YouTube channel


Watch. Learn. Apply to be a Guest.