Create the plan. Master the basics. Scale your business.

Helping women entrepreneurs to increase their visibility by becoming comfortable in front of the camera so they embrace using video for high-value marketing tools to drive business growth and generate revenue with less overwhelm, more ease and an undeniable confidence.

Your fall webinar is waiting for you to Host it.

Plan today. Grow over the summer. 
Be more visible in the fall.

Online training videos. Webinars. Speaking at summits. Being interviewed for media.

All powerful ways to connect with your audience, generate visibility for your brand, and sales for your business. 

The caviet for all of them though, is that you have to get on-camera. Something that often scares many women.

Fear of being on camera may have already held you back from connecting, sharing, and ultimately, selling to your audience on video. 

What would feeling confident on camera mean for your business?

Imagine hitting record or going LIVE and feeling 100% confident in your ability to connect, share value and ultimately, sell to your audience on video?

It takes courage to get in front of a camera. Having knowledge of foundational camera and conversation principles makes feeling more confident and natural on camera that much easier.


A revolutionary, step-by-step approach for women entrepreneurs to increase your visibility online.

Feel more comfortable increasing your visibility + confident on camera so you can skyrocket your position as an expert and feel more competent taking on those high-value video marketing strategies.

Get ready to transform how you feel about being on camera.

CONFIDENCE ON CAMERA 4 WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS© is a 4-week, online program designed to take you step-by-step to getting you ready to take on that webinar, create your first training video, or speak at a summit or in the media. From creating visibility goals and plans that don't overwhelm, to mastering your on-camera presence without all the tech worries, then holding you accountable to implement your visibility plan with group accountability Zooms.

Create clarity & actions
to increase your visibility at a pace that you're comfortable with
Master your presence
by learning fundamental camera strategies to boost your on-camera presence & confidence
Commit to scaling
and take inspired actions without feeling alone with industry-leading group follow-up, accountability calls

Spring session starting soon!

Hurry up ! Only 30 spots open with one-time-only pricing of $400 CDN*.


*including taxes

Learn how to create that feeling of being confident on from someone whose been where you are; avoiding and running away from cameras, to sitting in front of one as a TV Host:

Being Seen and Heard Takes Courage

I've been in your shoes where doubt, fear and self-judgement stopped me from sharing my message, who I am, and how I can help others. That experience is brought into every week because I know the courage it takes to put yourself out there. You're in safe, supportive hands.

Your visibility journey is a marathon, not a sprint

Developing relationships and trust happens over time. Remember, you're here to guide your audience towards a solutions they're looking for, not push them. If you move too fast, you risk losing or confusing your audience. That marathon approach is how this course is designed; we move at a slower pace, building on each prior lesson, so you gain the rewards of practicing, getting feedback, then integrating what you've learned into action, step by step.

Plans create clarity, actions and timelines

Plans take the guesswork out of what comes next. They also give you a clear direction of where you want to go. That's why we start the couse off creating a plan so as you scale your confidence and video presence in parallel, and identify other unique ways for you to increase your visibility in small to subtle ways. For example, 60-second video today, 60-minute live webinar by your planned target date.

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Frequently questions asked
Is this training online?

Yes. All components of CONFIDENCE ON CAMERA 4 WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS© are online. 

Does this course teach me how to create an online training program or webinar?

No. How to create high-value marketing strategies like a training program or webinar is a whole other skillset. 

CONFIDENCE ON CAMERA 4 WOMEN ENTEPRENEURS© is focused on helping you to feel more comfortable increasing your visiblity and confident on camera. This is so that when you are ready to take the leap to creating these high-value (and more complex) video marketing strategies, your on-camera presence (and performance) will be more confident and natural.

My Network Marketing team could use this training! Do you offer private team training?

YES! Talk about feeling more comfortable surrounding yourself with people you already know! 

Because there may be specific needs to your team and/or product, CONFIDENCE ON CAMERA 4 WOMEN ENTEPRENEURS© can be delivered privately. 

We will work together to identify key growth areas for your team and desired outcomes to create a private, custom training event. Email me at for more information

(NOTE: minimum numbers apply).

Is this course only for women?
Yes. To ensure the safety of the group, this course is limited to women only.
Are the accountability calls at 30, 60, and 90 days with the whole group or 1:1?

The accountability calls (aka Zoom) are with the entire class. These are not recorded.

Why is there a limit to the class size?
Creating a safe environment for you to learn in is paramount. Smaller class sizes are used to increase relationship-building with your peers.
When are classes and open office hours held? Are they live? Are replays available?
Weekly classes are held LIVE via Zoom. Classes are recorded. Access to recordings will be available up to 30 after the last class date.  It is highly recommended you attend all classess the LIVE.  

NOTE 1: breakout room dialogues are not recorded.

NOTE 2: BONUS open office hours will be held on a weekday and/or weeknight. Days and times will be communicated prior to the start of the course. Open office hours are not recorded.

Be seen. Be heard. Be more visible.

In just 120 days. Why wait?


In this course, Danielle shares her unique system that kickstarts you into using video with more confidence, clarity and focus, with a system that can be used again and again. Danielle breaks down the components so that learning and practicing the exercises she teaches are relatively easy to put into action.

Simone Usselman-Tod

CCP | RMT | CEBP | Stress Management and Mindset Breakthrough Coach
You present a very polish version of yourself. Your work is extremely professional. Your empathy and patience is authentic. I know you are not perfect (lol) but I was very impressed with your weekly presentations and workbooks. You are very encouraging and make it safe to share.


Confidence on Camera 4 Women Entrepreneurs© Student
An excellent course to provide the confidence your need to create live videos to build your business. Be ready to work! Be ready to step up and grow a better version of yourself to present to your audience. Danielle will encourage you and she will provide you a safe space to share your vulnerabilities about being in front of a camera. Invest in yourself and you will find confidence in front of the camera if you listen and actively participate in this course.

Tamara Colaizzi

President Blue Motion Fitness Inc.