Start to believe in what's possible - in yourself - and watch what happens.

Welcome to my premier, 25-week program where mindset meets visibility. Get ready to see you and your results become visible like never before.

Many women today are feeling like there's something 'more' they can be doing. 

Where they are today is no longer where they want to be.

The problem is they aren't taught to get clear on what 'more' looks like, how to believe in what they imagine, or how to move towards it. 

Until now.

Welcome to a program, and coach, focused on supporting you to make what you imagine -and yourself- visible.


What would your life look + feel like if you had ...

The time freedom you dream about?

You can have as much as you want that you believe you can have. Achieving 'more' is possible without having to work more.

Deeper, more meaningful relationships (with yourself + others)?

Discover who you are at a deeper level, which means you have more of yourself to give to others. 

A simpler, faster transition out of your day-career, with success sooner not later?

Because you want to feel fulfilled by what you do, not just 'fine', and you're feeling compelled to finally explore, and pursue that something more that's been creeping up on you these past few years.

More consistent sales?

Ditch the 'feast or famine' cycle that is so common in entrepreneurialism, and grow your business with ideal clients & customers with more ease + flow (and fun!). Yes, it really is possible.

Increased confidence to put yourself 'out there' and be visible?

You are the face + voice of your career or business. To step up or out and be seen or heard takes belief then courage. Confidence comes once you shatter the beliefs you have about visibility like needing to be 'perfect'. Let's get you being seen and heard by those you want to be in front of the monst.

When you're ready for a change, you know it. You feel it.

Group coaching for impact-driven women who are compelled to achieve that something "more" through what they do.

Guided by someone who's achieved "dream goals", embraced visibility after 40, and is passionate about supporting women in achieving the life they envision.

Simpler, safer, and with more ease + flow.

Make a decision today that can transform the rest of your life.
Are you ready?

Welcome to Thinking Into Results.

THINKING INTO RESULTS® (TIR) is a world-renowned, transformational growth program used by individuals + businesses around the world to achieve goals that were unimaginable before, and develop people to up-level their performance and create permanent change in ways that were once unheard of.

TIR comes with 60+ years of research into the art + science of mindset and personal growth, with proven results time and time again.

It's a one-of-a-kind, step-by-step, and repeatable program designed to help you achieve the goals you dream about.

  • Feel fulfilled and  like they're living with purpose

  • Increased confidence and being more visible

  • Growing (or creating) their business with ease

How I facilitate the
TIR program is best for women who are ...

What's Included in your Thinking Into Results® (TIR) Group Program Investment


Private, online coaching group no larger than 10. Be seen, heard, and supported as your group moves through the program together.


Digital access to the TIR program materials (videos, audios, workbook) through the Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI) portal. After completing the TIR program, you retain access to the PGI portal.


Take your understanding of the program material to a deeper level (online).


Start your day focused on your goal while you create intentions that help to increase your focus and drive (not recorded, no Canadian holidays, cameras off).

BONUSES included:


Extra time to ask questions about the lesson materials, share your wins and learn from others in the program (not recorded, online).


Yes, a group coaching program with 1:1 elements! Stay accountable and build momentum easier + faster.


Gain a powerful understanding of your strengths to values. Leverage these insights to achieve your goal while feeling authentic to who you are.


While in the program, gain complimentary access to a community dedicated to visibility + business growth skillsets and support.

  • Knowledge

    I teach.

    You gain an education and understanding of how your mind works to create your results through the Thinking Into Results® program.

  • Skillset

    I create the space for practice.

    Visibility and leadership skillsets are practiced within the safety of the coaching group and the larger VisibelleCEO™ community.

  • Awareness

    I ask questions. Whether in the group or in our 1:1 conversations, you are empowered to develop your own answers, new insights, and confidence.

Meet your TIR Facilitator | Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant

In a world full of choices (and Coaches) why choose me?

Personally, I've used TIR to achieve my greatest results to date and transform my life. I do the work right alongside my Clients so I'm 'walking the walk', right alongside you.

Professionally, I have 20+ years of experience at top Fortune 500 companies. I combine my backgrounds in leadership, instructional design, adult education and innovation. The outcome is an experiential and learner-focused environment for Clients.

How does this benefit you?

You're guided by someone who can teach to different learning needs and styles. Someone who can reframe information so you understand and apply knowledge easier and faster. Someone who knows when to challenge and when to let you wander and explore.


    Click the button below for a complimentary, 30-minute conversation. Relax, there will be no heavy sales pitch. Not my style.


    We'll chat. You'll get clarity on what you want to make visible as a goal. Gain awareness of what's holding you back from achieving what you want.


    We'll talk about TIR and if it's a fit for you. You make a decision if you want to work with me. No obligations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is expected of me as a Client?

As a Client, you will get out of this program as much as you put into it. You must put into action what you are learning, have an openness to learning new things, and are coachable.You are expected to, and are responsible for following the program as communicated (studying approximately 1 hour/day, attending webinars, completing lesson exercises) and booking all 1:1 calls as directed.

NOTE: please read disclaimer below for expectations.

How do I know if this is the right time?

Only you can answer that question. You have to ask yourself - what do you have to gain by exploring your potential and pursuing what you want?

I'm really busy. How much time do I need to dedicate to the program?

This is a common concern for new clients. The answer may surprise you. Expect to spend approximately 1 hour a day studying + applicable webinars and calls. You'll be provided with multiple methods and tips on how to best integrate studyingintoyour day.

Because the program helps you to focus your activities and remove distractions, many Clients discover a time freedom they never thought possible.

How is the TIR program facilitated?

The Thinking Into Results® (TIR) curriculum contains 12 distinct lessons. Each lesson is studied for at least 2 weeks. Group sizes are small (no more than 10 people)Groups receive bi-weekly LIVE webinars.

What is the investment for TIR? Are there payment plans?

Your investment in the TIR Group Coaching program and coaching with Danielle is $9,000** CDN ($7000** US).

Payment plans available.

**Includes taxes (if applicable).

Payments in CDN dollars are only for individuals living in Canada.

How do I explain to others what I'm doing? They don't understand what having a coach means.

Investing in a Coach is like making a financial or educational investment in yourself and your future. Your current results will not change if you're thinking does not change. Having a Coach is like having a Coach if you played sports; someone is guiding you on how to develop the knowledge and skills needed to take your business or career to the next level.

Personal growth can be done via self-study. Why use a Coach?

A Coach is a tool or resource to help you see things from a different perspective, see gaps or blind spots that may be holding you back, and help hold you accountable to do what you say you do. It's been shown that having a Coach reduces the time, money, energy, and obstacles that you can face when pursuing new opportunities.

I'm saying "YES!" to working with Danielle. What can I expect?

Once you confirm your interest in being a part of the group:

1) You'll be sent an invoice and asked to make a payment (as agreed upon with Danielle)

2) You will be sent an electronic Coaching contract to sign and return

3) Once payment + the coaching contract have been completed your access to the digital TIR materials on the PGI platform will be requested

4) Your contact information will be provided to the independent practitioner who you will complete your Personality Dimensions® assessment with

5) You will be provided with access to the VisibelleCEO™ communityYou'll be sent emails sharing next steps so that you don't miss anything.

I'm still a little hesitant ... what are your qualifications?

I possess a unique skill set that blends corporate + entrepreneurial success with backgrounds in compliance, adult education, innovation (continuous improvement), Human Resources, and training.20+ years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies:Schneider Foods, Campbell's Soup, Johnson & Johnson,andToyota.

Rhyze award-winning business woman.TV Host forThe C-Suite(created, produced & Hosted) andIn Studio(Hosted) forRogers tv.Mentor (Career and/or Business) for theWomen Entrepreneur CentreatWilfrid Laurier University, theBusiness Centre Guelph Wellingtonand thetellent ecosystem.Certified Life and Executive Coach.

IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers: I am not a believer in overnight success, or get-rich-quick programs. To truly create change in any facet of your life, there has to be dedication, commitment, and work. That will look different to every person. I do not or will not, make any guarantees about what results you will or won't achieve in any facet of your life, career or business through the information shared in any program, course, webinar or event I hold or am a part of. The results or changes you achieve in your life (financial, relationships, career, business, success, workplace) are based on your beliefs, mindsets, actions, behaviours, habits at this point and in the future. There are no promises being made. When purchasing any product or service from me you are acknowledging that you have read and understand my disclaimers as outlined in the TERMS OF SERVICE of this website. See link below.