Learn how to transform your career or business to achieve the success you envision and is meaningful to you, with less risk and more clarity, support, and confidence.

Welcome to Thinking Into Results®, a premier, world-renowned, mindset and personal growth coaching program designed to revolutionize your thinking to create results and success you've only imagined, until now.

Thinking Into Results® was designed and developed from over 60 years of research by leading personal growth expert Bob Proctor. It has become a leading program facilitated around the globe to individuals, teams, and organizations with one goal in mind; to make visible whatever you want using the power of your thinking and the imagination of your mind.
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What do you imagine your career or business to look like in 6 months?
Based on 60+ years of research Thinking Into Results® Program that has transformed lives, careers, and businesses around the globe. 

It's a revolutionary step-by-step process you can repeat over and over to gain clarity on what you want, and release the fears and limiting beliefs you have today to achieve what you want.

How to I know this?

 Thinking Into Results® is the exact mindset program I started with when I turned 40, and have used time and time again over the last 6+ years to bust through my doubts, fears and worries to achieve results that were once daydreams including the following below ...
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• Award-winning, international, best-selling Author (with no prior publishing experience)
• Award-winning small business owner
• Creator, Producer and Host of The C-Suite on Rogers tv™ (with no prior broadcasting experience)
• Transition from corporate to entrepreneurial worlds with ease 
• Keynote speaker and workshop presenter to audiences up to 400+ 
• Sought-after Visibility Consultant for heart-centered and purpose-driven Coaches and Consultants

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Your purpose is becoming more clear, which means you're becoming more visible for who you are.

My purpose is to embolden women to use their voice to be seen, heard, and visible through what you do so you can achieve the life, career or business you imagine with less overwhelm, more ease, flow and confidence.

Personal growth is all about change, but what changes?
YOUR THOUGHTS - they become more positive, supportive, and disciplined as you change them from looking at "what is" to seeing "what can be". Doubt and worries fade as your confidence and courage grows.

YOUR BELIEFS - you'll see your strengths, potential and skills in a whole new light, and leverage them to decrease the risk of new experiences. 

YOUR ACTIONS - you'll lose the 'stuck' feeling. Your well-being increases, leading to more harmony in relationships, satisfaction and fulfillment. Your decisions are faster, higher quality and you change them less. You start to move through your world with a confidence that others see and feel.
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What happens next?
It's 4 easy, simple steps:

Book a Call
Discuss your interest in TIR with Danielle. Book your conversation here.
Get clear on what you want
Over 30 minutes, we'll get you clear on what that definition of success is for you
Become Aware
Gain awareness of what's responsible for resistance, that feeling "stuck", and what's holding you back from moving towards what you want
Discuss Next Steps
Together, we talk about the program, what's required and  what you can expect. You then decide what you want to do next. No obligations.
Interested in learning more?
Book a complimentary, 30-minute conversation.
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Women who've worked with me have achieved growth, results, and strength in their voice that they hadn't experienced before: 
Turning fear of being seen into a fearlessness around self-promotion
Confidently showing up on camera, engaging authentically with their audience
Dusting off years-old, unfinished websites, finishing & publishing them
Identifying, and taking action on, new business growth areas
Asked Questions
How is Thinking Into Results®  facilitated?
The Thinking Into Results® curricula  contains 12 distinct lessons. Each lesson is studied for 2 weeks.

To ensure that all Clients are seen, heard and supported, my group coaching clusters are limited to a maximum of 15 individuals.

Weekly, join your cluster in LIVE webinars at designated days and times. You'll have lesson-specific webinars, then additional webinars designed to help you expand your awareness and application of the lesson material into your life/work/career.

From personal experience, my background in adult education and change management, I include in the program, 3 "breather weeks" after lessons 3, 6, and 9. Breather weeks are used to catch up, reflect on your goal based on the new information learned, and to bring in CLIENT ONLY Guest Experts to speak on a topic that compliments your Thinking Into Results® learnings. 

Personal growth can create a lot of forward momentum, action and change around you. These "breather weeks" are designed to help you catch your breath, and help your world catch up with you.
What do I get with the Thinking Into Results®  program?
Your investment in the Thinking Into Results® program includes:

• A digital workbook
• Access to a private, online community
• Weekly live webinars
• Daily morning Intention calls (no camera on, Monday to Friday, time TBD)
• 15-minute "laser" coaching calls with Danielle (maximum 1/week, to be booked by Clients)
• One 30-minute welcome and goal setting call with Danielle
• A Personality Dimensions™ online assessment and report at the start of the program to identify your strengths, values and needs 
• CLIENT ONLY Guest speakers
How much does Thinking Into Results® cost? Do you have payment plans?
I facilitate Thinking Into Results® in a one-of-a-kind format to ensure I'm meeting where you are today, and you feel seen, heard, and supported. 

Your current investment in yourself with the TIR program and coaching from me is $8000* CDN ($6500* US). 

Payment plans may be available. You can discuss payment options with Danielle when you book your complimentary Connection Conversation here.

*Includes taxes (any/if applicable)
What's expected of me as a Client? What can I expect?
As a Client, you will get out of this program as much as you put into it. Your results are unlimited, if you create the discipline and action-taking skills needed, have an openness to learning new things, and are coachable.  

As a Client, you are expected to follow the program as communicated by your Coach (twice daily listening/watching of the lesson plan, attend webinars, complete the lesson exercises, and engage in the private, Client community). You're expected to book complimentary, 15-minute 'laser" coaching calls (maximum 1/week) when additional clarity, support or validation are needed. 

You can expect to become part of a world-renowned personal growth, transformational program. 

Because personal growth is, well .... personal, individual results will vary. What results you can expect will be influenced by your studying, prior knowledge and awareness, understanding, and application of the Thinking Into Results® program material and following any coaching provided. 

I bring almost 20 years of Fortune 500 experience across multiple industries and divisions into what I do. That's combined with the success I've achieved as a small business owner, and personal transformation acquired by using the Thinking Into Results®  program myself.

Even with all this experience, you can expect:
• That if I don't have an answer to something, I'll say so, and source out the answer.
• Me to ask you the hard questions with you figuring out the answer; I'm here playing the role of your Coach, not supportive girlfriend.
• To see and learn from Expert Guest speakers.
• A safe environment where you are supported in achieving your goals.
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