What is your biggest career challenge today?

How have you currently been dealing with that challenge?

  • Avoiding?
  • Staring it right in the eyes, too afraid to look away?
  • Too scared to even look at it much less solve it?

Fear no more!

CAREERMOM, meet #mypeaps ... Partners Educating and Providing Solutions.

With a learner-centered approach, #mypeaps are devoted to helping YOU acquire the knowledge, skills or mindset you need to solve your biggest challenge today.

Learner-centered means EDUCATING you. Not telling. Not doing it for you. Not authority-driven gurus.

Save time researching and figuring out what help you need and how to access it!



Definition: The movement towards a new career while moving away from your current situation; within your current workplace or a new one.  These 2 processes typically occur simultaneously. Examples are: an internal/external promotion or transfers, going part-time, retirement, or returning to work after a career pause (e.g. maternity leave, caring for family, returning to working for someone else after working for yourself).

Tammy Adams

Career Adviser and Coach

BIO: Tammy Adams is an experienced and valued career management specialist you want in your corner. Need cover letter and resume writing support? How about feeling confident that your past will not hold you back from your future? Look no further because Tammy can help you with all the above PLUS gain clarity on who you are and align it with your what.

SPECIALIZATION: Career and personal transformation, coaching, and life recovery using the Grief Recovery Process®.

LOCATION: Near Brantford, ON.


WEBSITE: tadams.ca



Employment Matching Service (for job seekers and companies)

BIO: Ever hired a full-time employee when you really only needed part-time help? Looking to on- or off-ramp your career but NOT entirely ready to work or retire full-time? Freelancing but enjoy knowing you have a consistent paycheck with less worrying about when you'll book your next gig? If so, the non-traditional employment matching support by Vellicorp is an option you'll want to look into:

  • FOR COMPANIES: Save time looking for quality professionals, save money hiring only for the work you need done.
  • FOR CAREERMOMs: Keep your professional skills polished and providing value to others. Choose the life:work balance that works for who you are today as you work your way to full retirement, re-enter the work force after time off caring for family, or are an entrepreneur looking for a more consistent source of income.

SPECIALIZATION: Permanent, part-time professional work in small-and medium-sized businesses.

LOCATION: Waterloo Region (Ontario, Canada).

VIRTUAL SUPPORT AVAILABLE?: Inquire via website.

WEBSITE: vellicorp.com



Definition: The first 2 years in a new position. It's all about establishing WHO you are as an expert in your area, your personal brand, knowledge growth, skill attainment, and developing your interpersonal savviness.

Research underway to bring you well-respected experts in their field with an outstanding track record of helping women to be the visionary leaders that they desire to be.


Definition: Supporting the growth of others as a Leader. Knowing WHO you are as a leader goes beyond your style or approach. New or veteran leader, your ability to successfully lead teams and expand their potential comes from your ability to see their future potential, today, and help them discover it.

Simone Usselman-Tod

Visionary Leadership & Executive Coach 

BIO: Desire to become a more influential, supportive and inspiring visionary leader? With an infectious enthusiasm, Simone Usselman-Tod's passion is to help visionary leaders create the positive change they want to see in themselves, others, and the companies they work for. Her focus is to help you soar over, through, or beyond your current biggest challenge. Bringing the fun when teaching fundamental mindset strategies, she can help you to achieve dynamic results in your personal and professional life. 

SPECIALIZATION: Dynamic career transformations, leadership coaching.

LOCATION: Near Hamilton, ON.


WEBSITE: wildaboutwellness.ca




#AUTHENTICMOMENT: This IS NOT an open directory of professionals. I want the best for you. Whoever is on this page is here because I have personally vetted them and have a clear understanding of how they can support you as a CAREERMOM. I have no financial affiliations with #mypeaps. You can trust that these professionals are here because of their ability to achieve consistent, proven results. Not because I am being paid.