A unique, interactive, and collaborative approach to building a strong network of peers.


A place where sharing your experiences is encouraged and appreciated.

A group where women connect over their successes, collaborate with heart-centered intention, helping each other move past their current challenges.

A blend of sharing, learning, networking, and supporting.  Entrepreneurs, in transition between careers or into retirement, and corporate leaders bring their diverse and broad experiences and expertise each month.

Connections, referrals, and partnerships have been created between the women who attend.  What we all have in common is an authentic desire to help each other.


Who can benefit from the Masterclass:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Corporate leaders
  • Future leaders
  • Women in transition between careers or retirement 


What can you expect to get out of the Masterclass:

  • Personal and/or professional development
  • Building relationships/networking
  • Mastermind/idea generation and sharing to help you solve a current challenge
  • Opportunity to mentor other women by sharing your wisdom and experiences

Leadership Masterclass Details

WHEN:   3rd Tuesday of every month

WHERE: Chartwell Wellington Park Retirement Residence, 181 Janefield Ave, Guelph, ON (bottom floor)

COST:    2 options (includes HST, receipts provided)

  • OPTION #1     $10 + donation of a feminine hygiene product to support #TamponTuesday initiatives by Guelph-business Smitten Apparel
  • OPTION #2     $20

TIME:     6:30pm - 9:00pm