"Danielle Joworski is an enthusiastic volunteer and mental health advocate for our local Canadian Mental Health Association branch ...She is an articulate speaker who has participated in our Ride Don't Hide promotional video and as a motivational speaker at our annual gala conference. We are very thankful to have Danielle involved in with the Canadian Mental Health Association and value her efforts to combat stigma and bring awareness to mental health issues."

 Megan Brady, Communications Specialist - CMHA Waterloo Wellington

"I was excited for the opportunity to be interviewed by Danielle ... Danielle has a gift for setting the stage for ease and flow during the interview sessions she facilitates. Her playful engagement and encouraging approach created an atmosphere of authenticity and fun during the interview session, as we discussed the services and support I provide for women facing overwhelming changes and challenges in their lives. Thank you again Danielle for your ongoing support and enthusiasm, and for helping us help women be the best they can be!"

Simone Usselman-Tod, Visionary Leader and Certified Life and Executive Coach

"Danielle demonstrates amazing leadership qualities and always creates a positive atmosphere, one that inspires learning. The one thing that impressed me the most was her professionalism, organization skills and attention to detail. Her ability to jump in and manage a task without being asked is a rare quality and one you want in a team player. Having Danielle support me during my events allowed me to connect with new and existing clients as they arrived and offered me peace of mind that all my clients would be well taken care of before and after our events. She is a great addition to any team!"

Tessa Kampen, Creator of The Inspired Academy

"Danielle's mastermind session was amazing! I wanted to dig even deeper in to my why, figure out what made me unique and use my story to build more of a meaningful relationship with my clients ... Danielle's approach to my WOW factor led me on a path to achieve my authentic self where I am proud to be who I am. Thank you Danielle for helping me distinguish my true self."

Amanda Gazzola, Health & Beauty Coach for Women

"You were the first one who gave me clear, concise instructions on what I could do to help myself move forward! It was writing out my sky's the limit wants that really got my brain in a creative mode and helped me see that I could create my own journey instead of molding into a job that already exists. I now have the same job, but prioritize. I say yes to things that fit with my aspirations for my journey and say no when they are just time suckers."

LJ, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist 

"Danielle truly knows how to give back to her women peers. The Women's Leadership Masterclass is like no other group that I belong to and offers this diverse group of women an intimate, safe environment to share business and life challenges ... Danielle's corporate background brings a flare of professionalism and style to this comfortable hands on event ... If you think you are dreaming big, one conversation with Danielle will expand your way of thinking beyond where you can imagine."  

Liz Lermitte

"Thanks to Danielle I not only published my life changing book, I have found enjoyment and motivation in my current employment and day to day tasks, where I had none before.  Her combined knowledge, motivation, passion and positive outlook create a rare and unique ability that very few possess, making her able to provide an enlightened insight and perspective towards all aspects of life.  If it is meeting with her in person or reading an email I leave every communication feeling renewed, filled with positivity that is carried over into everything I do."

Scarlett Andrews, Author of Breaking the Mirror: My Reflection Myself