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A blog dedicated to women in all phases of their career; On-ramping*, Growth & Establishing, Influencing and Off-ramping*.




You have enough going on in your life. That is why this blog is simple in design and intention. From hand-drawn artwork and 'how-to's' to short thought and opinion pieces (although I am chomping at the bit to write a 5000-word dissertation). Desired outcome? That you think differently about where you are in your career, owning it, and taking control of it. 


I'm a real person with feelings and fears. It takes a lot to put yourself, ideas, and experiences out there for the world to read. While you may not be privy to a video of me having an ugly-cry (a girl's gotta keep some things to herself), both happy and challenging times will be shared (there are learning lessons in BOTH). AUTHENTIC MOMENT: expect me to keep it real without throwing negative energy into the world.


We connect faster - to each other, ideas, solutions or information - when we share stories. Stories can make your hair stand up, send chills shivering down your spine, make you laugh out loud or blink furiously to stop the tears from flowing (if you're like me, once the tears start ...). Stories shared will be real; my own or those of guest writers. This is not a fiction site. It's real because you want real results, not ones that only exist in the land of rainbows and unicorns.  

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