When a story is told, ears listen.

When an experience is shared, lives connect. 


Simple and real ... a blog written by a 40-something CAREERMOM and former #corproatedropout, who has now made the decision to return to climbing ladders and breaking ceilings as a CAREERMOM.

But this time, doing it on my terms.

Sharing the return-to-work (aka on-ramping) experience, because I know I am not alone ... and neither are you.

Tales of scary, exhilarating, heart-breaking and epic proportions!!!  

Yeah ... not quite. 

Chill with a glass (or mug) of your favorite beverage, and settle in for a 5-10 minute read. You'll get stories told through authentic stories with a ounce of quirky humor and a dash of thought-provoking insight because that's part of WHO I am. 

Like or love any story? Share away.

No selling or pitching here. Just stories and when I can, experts who helped as I moved forward.



When is providing value not seen as a risk to a company?
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