1 Mission. 4 Visions.

What is it?

CAREERMOM is a word to symbolize who so many women are (I tried using MOMCAREER but that didn't have the same ring). For many, your career came first, then life evolved and you became a Mom. Congratulations!  

There are so many wonderful sites and resources that support women as Moms and entrepreneurs. SPOILER: This is not one of them.

When I decided to press play on my corporate career again, I assumed I could find the support and networks I had gotten used to during my 2+ year pause to help me feel confident heading back. Realization #1 - there wasn't.  

My entrepreneurial mind went wild. Realization #2 - if there is a need for something and it doesn't exist, create it yourself. 

CAREERMOM is a resource for everything related to navigating your career; providing support to women working in, towards, or out of the corporate world.

Finally ... someone helping you become aware of how to navigate your career when who you are changes.



To help women to confidently navigate their corporate career, making career decisions that feel good, and move them towards sitting behind the desk in their desired "C" (choice)-suite.

CAREERMOM directs you to resources, solutions, ideas and experts that can help you confidently navigate any of the following 4 career phases:

  1. On-ramping (from window shopping to polishing your resume to signing on the dotted line)
  2. Growth & Establishing
  3. Influencing (leadership)
  4. Off-ramping (making a change: retirement, taking a pause or moving from one role to another)

As I am not an expert in all career-related solutions, I have no problem directing you to those I believe have the answers you are looking for, or bringing them to you.



How is it achieved?

With free content for you on CAREERMOM tv, CAREERMOM Blog and social media. Blogs, interviews & more with myself and/or guests when I am outside of my knowledge or skill capacity. 

Producing and hosting interviews to connect CAREERMOMs to the products and services of women entrepreneurs that can help you achieve your career goals by supporting your self, health, and wealth-care needs.

Speaking. For companies, conferences (organizations or entrepreneurs), or classrooms. All generations of men and women can benefit when conversations are had regarding owning your career, at any stage, and age. Talks can be tailored to your specific needs or chosen from available keynotes.

I LOVE designing workshops and events that connect you to yourself, solutions, ideas and other women using an experiential learning approach (aka - making learning fun!). We have so much we can learn from each other so why not create opportunities for us to do that and meet new people at the same time?

The information I share puts to good use my background in adult education, instructional design and passion for experiential learning. I strive to make sure that you are receiving value for the $$ you are spending (even if its free content).