An attentive, warm, compassionate leader and life-long learner. You value relationships and are tirelessly devoted to creating positive change in the lives of those you want to serve at home, work and in your community; from kitchens, to coffee shops, to boardrooms.



You pride yourself in being a Mom, but there is part of you that enjoys having a career (no Mom-guilt necessary; it's totally okay to admit that you love to work! You're among like-minded thinkers!).

But over the past few years, something's changed. You can't pinpoint when or why, but you've changed. And how you feel about yourself in your career has changed.

There is nothing wrong with your job. Or your company. Or the leaders you work for.

To others you have what they aspire to; the title, the salary, the office location.

To yourself, you feel like like WHO you are is missing in WHAT you do, which you think doesn't make any sense.

Except that it makes PERFECT sense.


Your desire to climb ladders, break ceilings and elevate the positive impact you have on others is inspiring.

And you've realized that to feel good moving towards your desired "C" (choice)-suite, it needs to be on your terms.

That means expressing more WHO in WHAT you do.  ... because at the end of the day, it warms your heart and makes you feel good. And when you're feeling good, you make everyone around you feel AH-MAZING!

But, you intuitively know that to park your butt in your "C"-suite, you need to stretch, bend, or all out break tradition by searching for career help and resources outside of traditional strategies.

That's what CAREERMOM is all about.

Learn how to express YOU in your 9-5, with trusted support for each phase of your career:




Let's get social! Access free content on CAREERMOM tv and CAREERMOM Blog. Break tradition by actually talking about WHAT it is that you need to bring more WHO into WHAT you do!


Breaking tradition by speaking with companies, and sharing with them what REALLY is going on, with insight and stories from "the other side". Companies supporting you to express your WHO is just as important to them as it is to you. But they can't help if they don't know. I'm taking just a SLIGHTLY non-traditional approach (ya think?) if you've seen the ads on social media enticing you to leave your 9-5 for the bliss of a laptop lifestyle.