I don't tend to follow status-quo when it comes to my business. I'm okay with that because at the end of the day, I have to feel right with what I am writing and sharing and how. This blog contains my opinions, stories, reflections, muses. You won't read many 'how-to' and hack-style blogs.

What you will read is focused on women in leadership, and sharing my stories on how I continually work to teach my own daughter to be an empowered leader. Just like in The ATHENA Prodigies, you get the raw, real me, and my stories. From my days learning how to define my success to learning how to continually refine it as life remarkably unfolds, I share the wisdom I have learned with the hopes that it can help you create your definition of success.

With Success & Fulfillment,


Kids or work? Going with the flow this summer.
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Heroines, Ever have a perfectly carved out plan; details all confirmed; your checklist of your checklist checked for the last … Read More

The Opinion of 1
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Heroines, How do you respond to the opinion of others when it comes back to you and makes you bristle? … Read More

Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
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Heroines, Two separate nights. Full of emotion. Separated by months. Events that I felt completely comfortable at. Connected by an action … Read More

Itsy Bitsy Stories Behind The ATHENA Prodigies
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Heroines, Sometimes, I feel that it is what is left unsaid that can make an impact.  Have you ever been … Read More

If Your’re Unhappy and you Know it … STOP!
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Heroines, At what point do you make the decision to stop? To resist the temptation to move forward, or move … Read More

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