Helping #careermoms to confidently navigate all phases of their careers ...

  • On ramping (e.g. returning to a career after time away)
  • Establishment
  • Growth & Transformation
  • Influencer
  • Off ramping (e.g. taking time away from your career)

Following my own off ramp phase, as an entrepreneur, I witnessed the most unbelievable support that women provide each other. Creating, building, and growing businesses by learning on each other and learning from an exponential number of experts and mentors.

As I began to on ramp my career a 2+ year absence from the corporate arena, I thought ...

"wouldn't have been awesome if I had the same types of resources and connections for my professional life that I have for my entrepreneurial life?"

Looking, I saw a gap. I realized that I could spend hours searching for what I was looking for, or just create it myself. 

Guess what my decision was?

You are never alone experiencing life's challenges, so why feel like you are alone?

From learning how to #definemysuccess, embracing how I grew personally as a #corporatedropout, and then navigating being a #careermom again, I'm gonna babble/share/post so that us professional, corporate Moms can build strong bridges to solutions, ideas & each other. Together.


Your Bridge Architect, 


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