Danielle Joworski

Author | Learning Catalyst


As a woman in an executive role, you know how stressed you are; you know how overwhelmed you feel; you know that you seem to be out of touch with your children.  You want more; you seek balance; you want to feel the spark and to fall in love with your career again.

But how?

Danielle Joworski knows this too because she held executive and leadership roles for a dozen years with multiple, multinational companies.

She felt disconnected from her career and from her role as a Mother. One of her greatest fears was that her daughter would grow up believing that success was defined by titles and money; not living a full life while loving her career.

When Danielle started channeling her inner ATHENA and sought the wisdom passed from mothers to daughters, she began her journey of self-discovery. Her desire to help Mothers & daughters to connect with their dreams and each other resulted in her authoring the #1 bestselling and award-winning book, The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls.

As a woman in leadership, Danielle offers you the opportunity to acquire the wisdom needed create a life:work balance (not work:life) you are worthy of. When you and your family are put first, you can discover how to life a full life, while finding success naturally in your career today, and role model to your daughter that life is full of unlimited possibilities. 

Danielle's work as a Catalyst builds on the purpose of her book: to connect women and girls to themselves, each other, and the leadership mindsets of their inner ATHENA.

She creates powerful and thought-provoking experiences that bring Mothers & daughters, women, and girls together, to become prodigies of each others' wisdom.

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A leader in her community, Danielle is a recipient of a 2017 Rhyze Award for female entrepreneurs. She is active in giving back by:

  • Volunteering as a Facilitator for the Teen Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA),
  • Sits on the Committee for the Guelph Y Power of Being a Girl® Conference,
  • Has been a Keynote Speaker for the CMHA and Michael House, and
  • Supports local #TamponTuesday initiatives through her monthly Women's Leadership Masterclass. 

When not working, Danielle can be found spending time with her family in arenas, pools, and relaxing with a coffee in hand in her backyard, or on the hunt for her next pair of fabulous shoes.