“Beautifully written and filled with inspirational stories. This book helps the reader find their light from within while empowering them to show our younger generation of woman that anything is possible.”

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author

At 40, Danielle Joworski had come to a cross-roads. Feeling overwhelmed, physically present but emotionally absent from the lives of her family, and completely disconnected from who she was, she realized something had to change.

Feeling like she had to choose - between her career and living her fullest life - she left everything she had used to define success. Dubbed a 'courageous' and 'brave' decision by those she came in contact with, was an awakening journey for Danielle of re-discovering herself, while learning how to define what success truly meant.

Danielle shares how she reached the point where she felt that she had to choose, and how she moved beyond the chaos and unhappiness she had created in her life by connecting with - and taking action on - a childhood dream. Reflection questions woven into each chapter help women become aware of what dreams of their own are unfinished, and how a shift in perspective in their leadership mindset can re-ignite the passion to pursue them, and become more present in their own lives.

But there's more ...

With a unique twist, women are taken on an eye-opening journey as they also read The ATHENA Prodigies with a young girl (recommended: ages 9-14). Chapter-book style stories are based on the same leadership themes shared in the chapters for women. Reflection questions at the end of each chapter give women a front row seat to the dreams, fears, and leadership mindset of the girl they are reading with.   

Using a raw, authentic voice, Danielle tells stories of what is possible when you open up to learning from the wisdom of your inner self. The ATHENA Prodigies creates unlimited opportunities for women to have meaningful conversations with a young girl, sharing their wisdom as a role model for empowerment, and learning from hers.

Becoming prodigies of each others wisdom.

Reflect. Learn. Empower YOU.

Teach. Mentor.  Empower HER.

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