“Beautifully written and filled with inspirational stories. This book helps the reader find their light from within while empowering them to show our younger generation of woman that anything is possible.”

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author

Around the age of 10, Danielle Joworski summoned up the courage to use her voice ...

"I want to play hockey."

The response though, was not expected. A liberal request clashed against a time and culture when older generations of women were conservative, not realizing the trailblazer in their midst.

The full outcome of her voice being silenced would not be seen until many decades later. When a voice was needed to create control, and personal priorities, it was not used. A lack of confidence in her voice kept Danielle from making decisions that put herself, her family, and her dreams, first.

She realized, at 40, that holding back was preventing her from role modeling to her own children how to find, and use, their voice.

The ATHENA Prodigies is an emotional journey spurred on by Danielle sharing her own journey of challenges and successes as she re-ignited her voice, and a teenage dream. Her voice aims to inspire, empower, and help women to reflect on if their authentic voice has been silenced, what dreams are unfulfilled but still simmering, and what they can do to empower the re-awakening of both of them. 

But there's more ...

With a unique twist, women are taken on an eye-opening journey as they also read The ATHENA Prodigies with a young girl (recommended: ages 9-12). Reflection questions at the end of each chapter give women a front row seat to the dreams, fears, and leadership mindset of the girl they are reading with.   

Using a raw, authentic voice, Danielle tells stories of what is possible when you open up to learning how to communicate with yourself and connect with your dreams, and are vulnerable to sharing your dreams and experiences with our younger generation of girls.

The ATHENA Prodigies creates unlimited opportunities to connect generations of women and girls, having meaningful conversations, and learning from each other.

Becoming prodigies of each other's wisdom.