What did you dream about being when you were 13?


In Grade 8, the decision to become a psychiatrist was made. To help others to overcome their challenges. To listen. Connect problems to solutions.

Fast forward a few years, with degrees in Microbiology, Adult Education and Educational Leadership, there is no PhD behind my name.

But I still have that desire to help others with challenges in their lives.

Specifically, women and their careers.

'Cause I'm a woman whose faced multiple challenges during a career hopping across multiple Fortune 500 companies. Climbing ladders, stepping down, then returning to the climb on my terms.

Returning to a professional career in Human Resources was a choice made possible by the solutions and coaching by fellow women entrepreneurs.

I wish I had known about these resources 'way back', and the value they can provide to individuals and companies.

But there wasn't an awareness that a full range of professional development options was literally, on my doorstep.

Today, I choose to live in both professional and entrepreneurial worlds, because together, they complete me.

I happily work in my 9-5 while fulfilling that desire to help women and their careers by sharing the career resources available in our Southern Ontario communities.

The difference between Grade 8 and now was a realization that I don't need to have all the answers.

We all are a wealth of knowledge and experience. We represent infinite answers to help each other create choices.

We just need to know about each other.

Not facing challenges as a solo presence. But together.


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